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Name: Valerie

Nickname: Vallie (lowkey wish more irl peeps would call me this for short tbh, Vallie feels so much softer and kinder than ‘Val’)

Gender: Female

Star sign: Aries (horoscopes are liars, aries descriptions rarely fit me :c)

Height: 1.63m

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff?? Ravenclaw..? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Dream trip: let’s go to a hidden waterfall lake on a warm day during spring, and lay down between most beautiful coloured flowers. let’s listen to some soothing music while we talk or read, and just feel calm and happy to be alive.

Average hours of sleep: about 6-7 hours

Why I made a tumblr: for those relatable teenager posts that were numbered and had bright backgrounds, and for the pretty pictures

Dog or cat person: i don’t know :( i’m allergic to both, but i think i like the idea of cats better

When I made my blog: in February 2013

Reasons for my url: I wanted something that could stay the same when i’d inevitably switch fandoms, so my url now is basically just my middle name backwards :p

I’ll tag: @lancemcclayyn, @saddle-eyes, @gingerbreadlesbian, @klancember, @aceofspeight, @offyoupop, @20thcharacter, @ssirensongs, if you want to c:


She wasn’t going to be before I got this ask.

Then that changed.

As much as I like Dani (and believe me, I do) Valerie’s actually my favorite DP character. She was handled beautifully, and her character growth was incredible to watch as the series progressed. I’m still not over how badly they jipped her in the finale.

Speaking of the DP finale (and season 3 in general, actually) After a solid week of being bombarded on my dash with certain people angsting over the pain of a poorly executed ending, I’ve decided that I’m actually going to rework it a little in the comic. And by a little, I mean a whole lot. This will do three things;

1. Give me more options to keep the plot going without too much fear of trouble from Gravity Falls canon-verse, since that’s still an ongoing thing that I’m trying to keep in mind.

2. Give the Danny Phantom characters other than Dani a MUCH bigger role in the comic which I’m sure will make a lot of people happy.


So going forward in the comic, We’re going to be working on the notion that instead of being the last thing to happen before the finale, the events of D-Stabilized happened a lot earlier, like almost immediately after Vlad becomes Mayor of Amity Park. Everything else, I’ll see to in Falling Phantom.