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Imagine Data Teaching You How to Dance

Imagine Data Teaching You How to Dance

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A/N: Sorry for being gone so long guys! But good news I’m done with school for the year and officially on summer vacation! Thank you all for being so patient and I hope you enjoy!

The holodeck was programed to a dance studio with mirrored walls and wooden floors. There was music playing.

Ballroom music.

You had found yourself being more stressed than normal and in capable of winding down in your off time. Counselor Troi had recommended you get a hobby, having always wanted to learn how to dance you asked if she knew anyone who could teach you. That was how you ended up in this situation with Data.

“Do not worry [______], we will be starting off quite simple with a basic box step formatted dance.” He said setting up a tape square on the floor.

“Now then place your left hand on my shoulder and I will place my right hand on your left side.”

“Alright” you followed his instructions and set your hand on his shoulder.

Data took your free hand in his and brought them clasped between you.

“Now then, when I move my foot backwards you are to follow in the motion.”

He began to move his foot back and you followed moving from the front right corner of the tape square to the back right corner of the square.

“Next we move our opposite feet backwards as well as bring the feet we moved back initially to meet with them.”


You moved your foot back in unison with his then dragged the other foot to meet it.

“Now, we mirror our actions with you being the party that moves foreword continuing in the box motion.”

“This is, surprisingly simple Data. I’ve always thought ball room dancing was complicated”

“While yes some forms of ball room dancing are more complex this is a relatively simple dance which I saw as appropriate for a first lesson.”

You nodded, keeping pace with Data until he surprised you by letting go of your hip and twirling you. He brought you back into step immediately after the spin but the pace had quickened.

“I think I’m getting the hang of this!”

“I believe you are [_______], although if you keep accelerating your pace you may-”

He cut off when you stumbled over his foot and braced you so you didn’t fall.

“Fall” he finished

“Sorry Data”

“It is quite alright [_____], it is only your first lesson and mistakes are to be expected. For a first attempt you did quite well.”

“Thanks Data, same time next week?”

“Of course.”