Kenny talking to Ripley. The first part of this makes me love my brother so much.

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Star Sign:Scorpio or Ophiuchus or something idk
Gender: What you would call a tomboy or ‘uppity bitch’ (A female who rejects the sexist sex-role stereotypes that make up the entire concept of gender)
Height: 167cm
Favorite Color(s): Anything between reddy purple through blue to a bluey green.
Current Time: A number
Average Hours Of Sleep:Varies from 1.5hrs to 10hrs depending on state of mental health
Lucky Number(s): None o.O
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Favorite Fictional Character: Lt Ellen Ripley
Favorite Famous Person: Dr Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Favorite Book:The Eye of the Queen by Philip Mann
Favorite Bands:  AC/DC, Anja Anastazia, Apocalyptica, Avril LavigneThe Birthday Massacre, E.S. Posthumous, Eminem, Evanescence, Florence & The Machine, Kajiura Yuki, Lindsay Stirling, Linkin Park, Live, Marilyn Manson, Marina and the Diamonds, Massive Attack, Meatloaf, Metallica, MS MR, Nightwish, No Doubt, Pink, Papa Roach, A Perfect Circle, The Pogues, Purity Ring, Rage Against The Machine, Ramin Djawadi, Rammstein, Rob Zombie, Salmonella Dub, Seether, Shihad, Sia, Sirenia, Steve Jablonsky, System of a Down, Tadpole, Tatu, Tchaikovsky, Thomas Bergersen, Tim Minchin, Tool, Two Steps From Hell, Within Temptation, 
Name A Song Stuck In Your Head Right Now: Bad Girls by M.I.A
The Last Movie You Watched: Ip Man 2
Last Show You Watched: BBC Sherlock
Dream Trip: Mars. Fuckin BRING IT.
Dream Job: Writing and earning enough from it to live without needing to wage-slave

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Close up of the flocked lettering on this pure wool 1981 Maglia Rosa made by Castelli of Italy. One of the vintage finds of a lifetime and amazingly this also happens to be in mint deadstock condition. Consider if you will that akin to Lt.Ripley in the Alien trilogy this item has somehow managed to lay in hyper sleep perfectly preserved for 34 years - it’s a miracle really not least for the fact that the moths haven’t been eating holes through it. I have a few deadstock items in the collection but this is the only Castelli to date and I have to say that the experience of putting this item on your back that is as fresh as the day it rolled of the production line is really something, the quality of the fabric is exceptional and for me truly without equal. It’s now found a good home with me in the 3BP archive where it will happily stay #castelli #vintagecastelli #vintage #deadstock #mint #icon #iconic #magliarosa #madeinitaly #inoxpran #campagnolo #battaglin #1981 #giroditalia #cycling #cyclingjersey #craft #design #tailoring #fabric #wool #purewool #lettering #italia by threebackpockets