Meet Amanda Ripley, daughter of missing Weyland-Yutani flight officer Lt Ellen Ripley. For 15 years, the fate of her mother and everyone else aboard the Nostromo has remained a mystery.

A chance has arisen that finally offers Amanda the chance to find out what happened.

She may not live long enough to regret it.

Alien Isolation is a first person survival horror game that looks like it might redeem the franchise’s reputation following the huge stink over Colonial Marines by going back to the ethos of the original film, and a time where humanity had no idea the titular monsters existed.

Of course, A:CM looked good when we firt saw it, so fingers crossed that the game play lives up to the delightfully unexpected continuing of the Ripley saga.

W00t, Arrow S3E1 Photo Recap, "The Calm"

Hey y'all! Here we are back again, ready to both 1) intellectually get drunk and make out with and then 2) emotionally be slapped and then drunk-hugged by our favorite ‘ship. If you are a comic book geek (I was one, too), you are reading the wrong recap. No detail about the show as it relates to the source material for the most part, just a decided Olicity slant and my irrational dislike of Laurel, so fair warning. If you haven’t read these before, all my S2 edits are here. Let’s dive in.

You know it’s Arrow because there is a dark alley, a runaway truck, said truck driver getting punched in the face by Oliver while Diggle and Felicity run backup. PSA for the Starling City villians: If any of your plans start with “Let’s get a truck and….” just go home. It isn’t going to work out.

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