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May I see more of your beautiful guinea pigs?

My first was Cas who passed in late May due to old age.  He and Scully were buddies.

Crowley, friends with no one, the loaf of all loafs.  Would not eat aspic.  He passed in early May from Lymphoma, the poor baby.

Special Agent Dana Scully came to us in May, right after Crowley died.  She’s about 18 months old and is 100% diva.

The baby, General Leia Organa.  She is about 7 months old now and has a tiny head and a huge body.  She’ll grow into it.  This poor thing was dumped outside in a cardboard box and abandoned the day I put Cas’ down.  Adopting her was fate.

This’ll be my last guinea pig related post over here, despite Leia being technically a thrifted pig.  Back to the fuckery!

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*slams fists on table* Lt. Ripley deserves equal adoration time! I demand a pic of her at once! I mean, if you wanna. I just really really wanna see your kitty now. 😸 Thank you for sharing your lil' piggies!

Lieutenant Ellen Ripley likes to drag guinea pig hay all over the house and pass out.  She’s about to turn 11, we adopted her after her owner passed away suddenly.


“Lt Ellen Ripley” . In art nouveau style, hand painted with acrylics and laser engraved on solid wood….perfect gift! (at Valencia)

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Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley, Daniels, Tennessee

Amanda Ripley (Again <3 I’ll just do more headcannons)

random headcanon - Amanda has seen the vast expanses of space, she has woken up half way through cryo journeys to gaze out at suns and gas giants, but never before in her life has she seen the ocean.

unpopular opinion - other people have tried to call her Amy before and she’d let them have it, her mother would be the last person who could get away with that nickname.

(Another) song i associate with them - Weight in Gold - Gallant

Ellen Ripley

favorite thing about them - her attitude oh my god. yes.

least favorite thing about them - she didn’t come back until after Amanda had died, out of her control I know (looking at you, James Cameron)

favorite line - “Come on, cat.”

brOTP - Ellen and Dallas

OTP - Mumma Ripley and Hicks

nOTP - Ellen Ripley and the Xeno, why does this keep happening?

random headcanon - Once returned back to Luna, Ellen had read over Amanda’s logs. The official, and the private ones the Company couldn’t access. She knew at that moment, the Alien race needed to end where it began.  

unpopular opinion - Ellen Ripley and Marlow would have gotten along very well.

song i associate with them - I Got You Babe - Etta James

favorite picture of them


favorite thing about them - how often she blows her stack at her idiotic crew mates

least favorite thing about them - she fell for that prick ass David’s switcheroo

favorite line - “Walter, where the FUCK is David?”

brOTP - Daniels and Farris

OTP - Daniels and Walter

nOTP - Daniels and the walking Microsoft Paperclip with murderous tendencies 

random headcanon - for years of being in cryo after the events of Covenant, all she dreams about is the cabin on the lake. The crew is there and she’s not angry anymore, but at peace. She and Walter live happily, for some reason her thoughts no longer wonder to Jacob. But every now and then she sees him, David, in the woods, lingering just beyond the clarity of her vision and she remembers only long enough for cryo to pull her back to complete unconsciousness.

unpopular opinion - she’s actually super tol?

song i associate with them - Good Grief - Bastille

favorite picture of them “FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF”


favorite thing about them - he’s such a big, loyal soft hearted man.

least favorite thing about them - so much so that the death of his wife probably killed him too…

favorite line - “Oh, no. I’d never kid about John Denver.”

brOTP - Tennessee and Faris

OTP - Also Tennessee and Faris

nOTP - is there a nOTP to be had? If I had to pull one out of thin air, I’d sayyy Tennessee and Daniels.

random headcanon - he loves the old world and has a very fond interest in it, even before he had to garner knowledge for the expedition. It’s his passion to go back to a simpler world where they had real cheese and eggs.  

unpopular opinion - although he’s still an incredible academic, he was the last candidate picked for the expedition to Origae-6.

song i associate with them - Bat Out Of Hell - Meatloaf

favorite picture of them