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still got some handmade copper pieces from my husband left up in the shop <3 
100% hand cut, sanded, textured, stamped and given a rustic patina. 
The bottom photo is one of my favorites, reminds me of a symbol for fertility and femininity… plus the lined textures with the patina give it a nice rustic aesthetic..
Also love the battle axe, nothing like a miniature copper battle axe to make you feel badass  


Sakura Blooming Party! Event Start!

END: 03/30 @ 21:00 JST


  • Points (20,000) - Ichigaya Arisa Multi Live Emote
  • Points (5,000) - 2★ [Sakura Michelle] Okusawa Misaki (Powerful) - Healer
  • Rank (<50,000) - 3★ [Everyone’s Cherry Blossom Viewing] Toyama Kasumi (Cool) - Score Boost
  • Rank (<100) - Sakura Blooming Party! Top 100 Title

Play lives with Live Boosts in order to gain points and tier! Playing with Pure / Green cards give 20% bonus points!  The following characters also give bonus points: Arisa - 70% / Kokoro - 40% / Eve - 10%

im on mobile someone make a “expanding brain” meme about like twitch streams where the most ignorant level is like streams with 10k+ views and the chat is basically /b/ and then theres like streams where the streamer interacts heavily but mostly with subs or donation levels and then theres ones where they interact a lot with the normal chat and know some non-sub regulars by name and the most woke level is <100 views where the streamer mentions every follow and has a bit for each and the transcendent level is like <10 viewers and they will mention and thank you for just looking at the stream

Because I can never say it enough

@freckledcarrottop is a fuckin’ godsend of a human being and I don’t know what these three months would’ve looked like for me if it weren’t for him. Follow him, reblog his shit, compliment the hell out of him because he’s worth it. I know I’ve got a little bitty blog with <100 followers but I think it’s important to say when you appreciate someone so that’s what I’m doing. Thanks, Tops. You’re the goddamn greatest.

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OMG I stalked your blog during my Kylux phase and now you are doing a Promptis?! omg kill me you and your art is amazing! Thank you Thank you so much! please have a happy weekend and week, and month and year!

AHH!!! (^    O ^) thank you so much!!!! i am so very, very grateful to everybody who’s still on this ride with me since when this blog was 100% kylux <3 Thank you for your support and your kindness! (O ///w///O)

i’m hard at work on my promptis comic right now actually! XD i LOVE making comic pages but they’re a lot of work~ so i don’t often make them… BUT! i feel strongly about this fluff! so… i hope other people will enjoy it too! (^ ___^)