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If you're up to it, respond with five things that make you happy. Then send this anonymously to the last ten people in your notifications. You never know who might benefit from some positivity! (this is supposed to be anonymous but oh well

1) @chiefhiccstrid <3333

2) @astridthevalkyrie <3333

3) @drchee5e <3333

4) @dragonlovertr <3333

5) @fanaticfangirl2602 <3333


I was tagged by @misshammett to list 10 songs I’ve been into lately and tag 10 people (thank you!! <3)

1. Absolve - The Contortionist
2. Reimagined - The Contortionist
3. Lust for Life - Lana Del Rey
4. Måneblôt - Myrkur
5. Epona - Eluveitie
6. LIT - Polyphia
7. Champagne - Polyphia
8. Sea of Suns - The Helix Nebula
9. Temple - The Helix Nebula
10. Godspeed - Unbeing

I’ll tag: @highkingofskyrim @postorganichallucinations @sailormoonlightequilibrium @shittyviking @buythetickettakethecannoli @kawaiichurchburner @rileywasyes @bloodyxkisses @minhyriath @lazerheart if you’d like!

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Once you get this say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Send to ten of your favorite followers!

Ahh thank you so much <3

1. I like that I’m a happy person. It took a long time and a lot of work to get there but for the most part I have learned to be happy with myself and my life despire my flaws and setbacks.

2. I like that I’m able to create things be it music, writing or sewing. Knowing that I’ve made something that myself and/or others enjoy makes me feel good about myself.

3. I like the people I’ve chosen to surround myself with lately. Positive, supportive and kind people that have already made a huge impact on my life. I genuinely appreciate everyone who’s been there for me when I’ve needed to vent or talk about dogs or if I’ve needed to share some alien smut I wrote. There is value in all of these things <3

4. I like that am an unashamed alien fucker. In both Mass Effect and SWTOR I am so damn thirsty for all the alien love :P

5. I like that I am open with people. I basically have no boundaries with people. If you don’t know me and you want to tell me your life story, hang out, invade my personal space for cuddles or whatever I’m usually down. 

I was tagged by the lovely @guitargoat to answer some questions. Thank you cutie! :) <3

1. What’s your favorite music genre? - Heavy Metal! I love Thrash and Speed Metal

2. Last song you listened to? - Angel of Death by Slayer 

3. Favorite childhood game? Why? - I absolutely LOVED Flashlight Tag! Hell, I would still play it today if we’re being honest here :D I love it because it’s fun to hide in groups or alone and watch as the person with the flashlight walks around outside at night looking for you. It’s suspenseful and thrilling. 

4. If you could only dress in one color, which would it be? - Black!!!! That’s over half my wardrobe anyway.

5. Was anime a mistake? - No, I didn’t really get into it, but a lot of my friends like it, and I don’t see any harm in it. 

6. Celebrity crush? - LARS FOCKING ULRICH!! He’s my precious Danish pastry and I love him so much. <3333

7. Text or call? - Text me… it’s easier, and I don’t stutter over text message. Calling amps my anxiety up… 

8. Favorite movie? - The Notebook. <3 I can recite every line and my daughter was named after a character in it. :)

9. Can you dance? - Yes, I was in show choir from 5th grade until I graduated. 

10. What always makes you smile? - My daughter. :) She’s my mini me. Also anything Lars does because he’s adorable. <3

11. How many times did you drink water today? - I haven’t yet… it’s only 9:24am here. 

I will tag: @giraffe1994 @masterskwigelf @goldenageoftheantichrist @lars-artrich @mrs-von-hammett @hallsofjusticepaintedgreen @imcreepingdeath99 @sabrina-blyton @chaoticmemer @michelle-cain @hetskitten @kirkhammies @hetbangersclub @rikirachtman @cinnamon-toast-cliff @candicehetfield @aldaarnafjall @paddedroomwithaview @flyinghetfield @outlawtornsnm

Wold You Rather - BTS Edition~

Ahhh thankyouuuu @theshiphassailed for tagging me in thiss~!!! I’d love to do it~ <3

1. Go to a skate park with Yoongi or play video games with Jungkook?
2. Do cos-play with Taehyung at Comic Con or get silly at a playground with Hoseok?
3. Play hide and seek with Jimin or people watch at a bar/coffee house with Namjoon?
4. Visit art museums with Jin or go to a musical instruments store with Yoongi?
5. Do silly make-up and hair to each other with Taehyung, or do facials in pajamas with Jimin?
6. Go to the gym with Jungkook or Jin?
7. Play card/board games with Namjoon or go on a relaxing walk with Hoseok?
8. Play drinking games (or have a lot of energy drinks, if under 18) with Yoongi or go club hopping with Hoseok?
9. Enjoy a winter vacation in Switzerland with Jin or a summer vacation in the Caribbean with Taehyung?
10. Go to an open mic (and most likely perform) with Jimin or go to a street dance contest with Hoseok?
11. Go see The Nutcracker on Broadway with Jimin or a Burlesque show with Jungkook?
12. Premiere on the After School Club as a couple with Yoongi or as best friends on V-Live with Namjoon?
13. Host a cooking class with Jin or a pole dancing class with Jimin?
14. Watch Jungkook recording in the studio or watch Hoseok choreograph for his mix tape?
15. Have a water balloon fight with Taehyung or a laser gun battle with Namjoon?
16. Get a tattoo with Yoongi or a piercing with Jimin?
17. Would you rather be a guest on Eat Jin or Hope on the Street?
18. Going shopping with Taehyung or get your hair dyed with Yoongi?
19. Rub Jungkooks feet or Namjoon rub yours?
20. Tell Jin he’s handsome or have Namjoon tell you you’re attractive?
21. Receive a death glare from Taehyung or watch Jungkook flex and stretch?

I shall further tag (no pressure~) @bangtans-gong-ju-nim, @btskookiefangirl, @sunshine-eomma, @pinkmon-roleplay@ivangeleenichirux3, @xjordynary.

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Victuuri merman au? (btw I luv ur art)

thank you anon! okay so I came up with two different aus because I love merman aus <333


“afternoon chats”

AU where Viktor was forced to go fishing and he almost kills Yuri by accident (and Yuri almost kills Viktor by trying to drown him) but they forgive each other and fall in love ;7; <3 But in order to meet up with Yuri, Viktor has to pretend he’s going fishing everyday when really he’s meeting Yuri <333 (so kind of like a how to train your dragon au too)


//this is probably my fave ahaha// AU where merman Viktor is curious about the outside world and goes onto the beach but then nearly dies (he’s a fish;;;). Luckily, little Yuri saves him and brings/drags him home because he has no idea what to do (what do you do with a merman??). He puts him in the bathtub and they spend the next few weeks together as Viktor heals <3 //with Yuri secretly wishing he could stay a bit longer//. (Yuri’s parents are also away on vacation. Yuri has told Mari about the merman in their bathtub but she doesn’t actually believe him and thinks he’s just playing pretend in the bathroom so she doesn’t use it). BUTTTTT one day, Viktor suddenly disappears ;o;;; The beautiful mysterious merman is gone!! And Yuri is very sad and when he tries to tell his parents and his sister, they don’t believe him;;; //protect him asdfjkl;// and Yuri talks to Vicchan about it. Eventually, Yuri forgets about the merman he saved //and how he (indirectly) pROPOSED to him cOUGHS// //and he even made little matching “friendship” rings to match// and Vicchan dies :’))))

A FEW YEARS LATER;;;; GUESS WHO APPEARS IN HIS BATHTUB BUTT ASS NAKED ;A;;; <3 And this time Viktor is human too!! And claims to be Yuri’s fiance!! And Yuri is just overwhelmed (why is there a hot naked man in my bathtub) and confused :’D He didn’t know how to explain to others so Viktor has to pretend to be his coach until they can figure out how get him back to sea as a merman;;; //but Viktor plans on staying shhh//. Makkachin is a dog fish and Yurio also temporarily becomes a human to try to get Viktor back to sea but,,,, yeh that didn’t work *7* Viktor also cries to Makkachin after he realized Yuri doesn’t remember him ;v;;;

Will Yuri ever remember his long lost lover?? Will Yurio manage to get his instructor back to sea?? Will Viktor be able to pull off a game of pretend?? Will Yuri fall in love once again??

who knows :’D


“ I remember saying to her: ‘Mum, how the fuck do you expect me to do this now?’ And she didn’t swear much, my mum. She’d always tell me off for swearing. And this time she was like: ‘You’ve got to fucking do it, it’s as simple as that.’ It was football manager, team talk stuff.’”

Lt. Surge the lighting american. ‘MERIKA!!!

I love how america is canon in pokemon universe, thought I guess he would be from unova now, huh?