Grown AU: 16 year old Harry has a crush on Louis, but Louis doesn’t give him the time of day because he wants a more mature partner. Harry grows older and stronger in both physical and mental abilities, and now he doesn’t depend on any boy to get him through life. To say the least, Louis is attracted, and Harry could give less than two shits. || Grown by Little Mix

At the hospital

Doctor: congratulations it’s a baby boy, have you thought of any names?

Briana: Louis? He’s on his stupid phone omg, Louis!

Louis: what!

Briana: have you thought about any names for our child?

Louis: uh how bout Freddie…. *closes top 30 Larry moments*

Briana: oh that’s so lovely!


You guys keeping laughing at Niall but Liam’s doing the same thing his mics just not turned up as Loud 😹

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Lazer Team Movie Storyline
In the late 1970’s, the SETI project received a one time signal from outer space. It looked exactly as theorists thought a communication from an alien civilization would – unfortunately it has never been decoded. Or so we were told. Unbeknownst to the general public the signal was translated and told us two things:  1) We are not alone.  2) The galaxy is a dangerous place.

Lazer Team Movie Detail
Release Date : 2016-01-27
Casts : Caiti Ward, Don Daro, Diane Selken, Michael J. Burton, Deborah Abbott, Lise Ross, Irina Voronina, Robert T. McDorman, Carolee Crawford, Holly Jee, Johnny Walter, Colton Dunn, Barbara Dunkelman, Ashley Turner, John Chriss, Michael Jones, Anthony Taylor Lopez, Gustavo Sorola, Mike Carreon, Alan Ritchson, Kyle Hoover, Burnie Burns, Doug Shuffield, Kdin Jenzen, Heather Materne, Joel Heyman, Clint McCreery, Rebecca Chulew, Arryn Zech, Blaine Gibson, Caleb Denecour, Jeremy St. James, Gary Teague, J. Alan Nelson, J.J. Castillo, Miles Luna, Alexandria Deberry, Travis Barrera, Gavin Free
Duration : 90 minutes runtime
Rating : 4.1