The Point Lookout Cemetery is a burial ground for inmates at the Louisiana State Penitentiary, in West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana. Almost three quarters of inmates doing time at Angola are serving life without parole, and the average sentence for those with release dates is 90 years. If a deceased inmate does not have a family or loved ones to collect their remains, they are laid to rest in the cemetery on prison grounds. The white cross monuments are inscribed with the inmate’s name and DOC number. The existing Point Lookout is actually the second burial ground on the LSP campus, as the first one was destroyed in a flood in 1927. The identifiable remains recovered from the flood were reburied in a mass grave. The deceased were formerly buried in cardboard boxes, but Burl Cain, who served as warden for LSP from 1995-2016 mandated that inmates be buried in wooden caskets, which are manufactured in a woodworking shop inside the prison. He was quoted as saying “Once a man dies, his sentence is complete and there should be dignity in the passing.”

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HI LOVE YOUR ART!! I was wondering if you'd ever sell prints, or even stickers of it!??

yes ^ U ^ I usually sell prints and stickers in my Etsy shop, it’s pretty empty atm but if you see any art on my page that you’d like a print of send me a message and I’ll  let you know the size and price I’ll set up a listing for you<3 I will also have an Adventure Time themed sticker set coming out soon ^ 0 ^ !!
here’s a preview of some of the girls so far LSP, Fiona,and Marceline <3