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The signs as Lumpy Space Princess quotes~  ♕ ♥

Aries ♈: “Oh, nah. I am not getting eaten by zombies tonight.”

Taurus ♉: “I’m doing so awesome on my own, like I found this can of beans”

Gemini ♊: “Get away from my camp. I’ll cut you!”

Cancer ♋: “What does it lumping mean?!”

Leo ♌: “Everybody get ready to pay attention to me!”

Virgo ♍: “MAH BEANS!”

Libra ♎: “Oh, nuh-uh! I am not gonna carry rocks.”

Scorpio ♏: “First you should check out my house. It’s, like, kinda lame but way less lame than, like, your house.”

Sagittarius ♐: “But where’s the food?! What kind of castle is this?! It’s like a poor peoples’ castle!”

Capricorn ♑: “I know you want this body, but you can’t have it! YOU CAN’T HAVE IT!”

Aquarius ♒: “Well, if you want these lumps, you gotta put a ring on it. WHERE’S MY RING?”

Pisces ♓: “I have to go, they got into my toilet paper!”

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Every relationship i gamble with my heart,
I go all in
because the pay off is true love.
I see you when i close my eyes
and thinking of you makes my mind feel light.
All my problems fade away
and i can’t help smiling.
To let someone you love go into the arms of another
takes a big person.
I don’t know if i can be that big
—  Lumpy Space Princess (Adventure Time)