Maisy blankly stared at the computer, utterly confused. 

What’s happening? Did he actually cook me dinner? Maisy contemplated whether she should go out and investigate. What if he actually cooked for her? Was she going to miss out on this rare occasion? But then, he couldn’t have made her dinner. It was a prank. She was going to walk out there and be hit in the face with something. But as always, curiosity got the better of her. 

She quietly slunk out of her room, and walked to the dining room. 

She stood there in disbelief. He had in fact made her dinner, and decorated the room with candles. The more she looked at it, the more confused she got. Something wasn’t right. She ended up just staring at the room, slowly walking backwards, laughing in confusion and awkwardness. 

“What? What are you doing? What’s going on?” She managed to say in between her giggles of doubt.


Phone Call

Maisy was abruptly woken up by absurdly bad music. After a good jerk from such a jump, and a mild freak out, she realised it was her phone. She grumpily grabbed it from her bedside table and checked who was calling. When she saw it was her brother, she immediately swivelled and sat on the side of the bed, answering the phone. 


"Hey Maisy. Just got home. I had to check up on you. How are you holding up?” There was a small hint of relief in his voice. Maisy ran her fingers through her hair and let out a nervous laugh. 

“I’ve been better. But I’m coping.” Edward let out a groan.

“Maaaiisy. I know what that means. Tell me what’s going on." 

"The usual I guess…” He let out a second groan and his voice started to get louder and sound stressed.

“Maaissy. Don’t forget your promise… Go get some maccas! Or get Aly to cook a nice meal for you! Have you done anything?! Is anybody with you?! Who’s looking after you?! Is Aly taking care of you?" 

"Calm down. I am coping much better than I normally do. Aly is busy but I have someone with me." 

"Who?! Do they know what happened? How are they helping you?" Maisy couldn’t help but quickly glance at Loki before looking to the ground. 

"A friend… You don’t know him. But he does, and he’s taking good care of me.”

“Who is he? Is he a good guy? Do you trust him? Has he been feeding you?”

“Like I said, a friend. He’s good to me, and I do. He’s been trying; I just feel too nauseous. Don’t worry I’ll eat soon enough. You know I don’t break my promises.”

“I know, but you can do a lot of damage to yourself whilst keeping your promise.”

“Don’t worry, my friend hasn’t left my side long enough for me to… do something.”

“Good. He sounds good. Don’t let him leave your side.” His voice changed tone, and sounded relieved.

“He is. I won’t." 

"Good. I wish I was there to help.” Maisy glanced at Loki’s feet then back to the floor in front of her.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be fine." 

"Good. Because I’ve got to go. I talk to you soon. I miss you. I love you.”

“Yeah, I love you too.” The phone conversation came to an end. Maisy let out a sigh and refused to look at Loki.

“Edward was just checking up on me.”

loki-sonofnone replied to your postMaisy, I believe I may have acted rather strangely towards you two days ago. I believe I was acting under the effects of a curse of some manner, so I would ask that you disregard anything I may have said to you during that time as I was not in my right mind.

Yes. The day previously I had challenged the grey-faced beings who reside here to try and curse me believing I would be able to deflect it, however as they were using some type of magic I am unfamiliar with, knew not how to.

And… what did they ‘curse’ you with?