lsh rainbows

Crimson-Jam Rum, is for PocketfulofPixels huge BC for her rainbowcy founder’s spouse. 

Greetings Palida, 

I am C.J. I am a native of the haunted forests of Moonlight Falls. It’s not so bad since I am a fairy. I am used to being chased and dodging rabid werewolves with my quick wits and charm. They are revert back to wee puppies if you put a little Wolfsbane in their drink but careful it can backfire and piss them off. Ha. 

I have lived in Moonlight Falls my whole life so I look forward to journeying to your land to woo you with my cooking talents or my fancy dancing moves. Whichever, is surely to get your attention I’m sure. Hopefully, it is in a good way!

You know Palida, you are quiet beautiful. Your skin and hair reminds me of the clear rays of the moonlight from my hometown. I look forward to meeting you in person.

FlirtParty Animal - Childish- Natural Cook- Easily Impressed.

(Lovely, He will be ready for travel tomorrow night. I must go to bed now… )

It has been quite sometime, my lovelies. I’m not sure how many out there are still active or remember me but, I finally sat down and played Sims in almost a year. I don’t know where the time went honestly. But, I am well for the most part. I hope you guys are too.

I can’t promise super frequent updates. Not with the schedule I have now, but, just know I’ve missed this place and my sims. It felt good to play again.

Clover Sage, celebrates my return to the sims. I hope to have more nice quiet nights to myself like tonight to enjoy my Sims. <3 Thank you to all that still follow me even after all this time. 

Raziel “Razz” Burry

This is Raziel everyone! I love her so much and I’m sending her off to hopefully find true love with Simply Sweet’s cutie Apple! She is participating in a bachelor challenge.


Razz is the product of a loving and devoted single father. Her father is a Police officer who lives an extreme lifestyle devoting his life to keeping the people of Twinbrook safe. He is her best friend. Razz adopted his daredevil and Athletic nature. Instead of dolls and princesses she took to the outdoors and enjoys the great things the world has to offer. She loves to meet new people and loves to make new friends. Some people call her a social butterfly. Although when it comes to boys she seems unlucky. Boys seem to be intimidated by her strong personality. She wishes to find someone who can love her just as she isRazz is a secret hopeless romantic that wishes a handsome prince will come riding along to sweep her off her feet. But maker forbid she says that out loud! 

Favorites: Hot Pink, Electronica, Fruit Parfait

Be brave my little Raziel, Goodluck! <3



Amber Gingersnap

My newest baby made by Catherine from Sims and Dolls as a early birthday gift to me. Amber is adorable! However, I do not know anything about her. I have not officially gave her a home yet. I’m waiting, she is going to be my Seasons sim :) Her traits were blank so I randomly rolled twice for her traits and these are what the game came up with, I like them :)

Excitable| Dog Lover| Friendly| Photographer’s Eye| Supernatural Fan


Round two: Berry Ladies

First up: Blueburry Passion

This blue sprite is sassy and seductive. Please lock up the men of your family because when Ms. Passion is around the guys take notice. I don’t know if its because her natural charm and charisma that these things happen or if its because she was born with Genie powers passed down from her mother. 

Hopeless Romantic | Flirty| Charismatic| Mooch| Hydrophobic 

Ltw: Living in the Lap of Luxary

Job: Science: Fertilizer Analyst (Lv.4)