girl meets world au - vloggers (part 4/?)

riley, lucas, maya, & farkle are lgbt vloggers in a squad called “the core four” (the snapchat one)

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miss canadian we need your thoughts on the whole h*lsey vs demi drama

How do you compare a gnat to a butterfly…Demetria always wins let’s not!

it always bugs me when i see people say marina and the diamonds and lana del rey are “too tumblr” for their taste. and you know why??? bc lana and marina been around LONG before tumblr was a thing.

tumblr started becoming a household name/term in 2013-ish (aka when yahoo bought tumblr). at that point, lana had 3 EPs and 2 albums. marina had 2 EPs and 2 albums.

so if anything, marina and lana influenced tumblr. so shut the fuck up about how both women’s writing style and aesthetics seem “tumblr girl-ish”

also, stop using “tumblr girl” as a way to demean, trivialize, and belittle young women’s interests simply because you think women like something for the aesthetic or because it’s cool and angsty.

so namjoon said that they got features on the new album and i swear to god if i see h*lsey or the ch*insm*kers on the list im gonna throw myself away,, like damn y'all been ignoring kehlani’s dms til today! but you could also hit up Daniel Caesar, kali uchis, jorja smith etc there are so many music intellectuals around and they had to befriend these nuts! I’m still upset

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What music do you like other than marina? Are you a lorde fan 👀👀

honestly i can like anything…..ive gone thru my fair share of phases (muse, mcr, the glitch mob, fob, tw*nty one p*lots, reggaeton, d*mi l*vato, h*lsey, vampire weekend, the list goes on lol) but my faves besides marina are lana, gaga, allie x, banks, bastille, f(x), seventeen, and m*lanie m*rtinez (kind of??? the baby aesthetic is like…yuck, i wish she went in the doll direction like in dollhouse, bc that could have totally worked ._.) and actually hfk is pretty good but h*lsey’s personality+ singing style still bugs me a bit

i keep in tabs with lorde and in fact im listening to melodrama rn (im lovin hard feelings/loveless) but i rly cant judge an album until ive listened to it at least 5 times lol, its p good so far!! her fandom seems rly chill too so thats a plus


it’s only been an hour since the song came out so you know what that means, i did a cover of it already!! please reblog this and let me know what you think, love you all :-)

Hi babes Nicole here! I’ve been meaning to do a follow forever for quite a long time, so I’ve decided to stop being lazy and get on with it also July 29th will mark my third year on tumblr (wow) so what better time to do it then now? Also I’m v v v v close to my next thousand yeeehawwww!!!

Favorites are bolded but I adore each and every one of you!!!!!

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ik a lot of radfems are into h*lsey right now and like thats cool thats fine whatever but once she was so upset about being mistaken for me,, an Evil Horrible Terf (with one on-thousandth–if that–of the internet following that she had) that she threw a very public tantrum on her very public twitter that resulted in me getting death threats for weeks and harrassment to this dayso forgive me if i complain about her bad tattoos and man-pandering feminism from time to time