HEY FRIENDS i did a cover of pillowtalk by zayn!! please check it out, subscribe, and let me know what you think!! hope y’all like it, only a few weeks until ep #2 is out aaaah :-)

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abt that video of h*lsey singing “if you like the way you look that much than baby you should go and fuck yourself” ppl kept saying “it was a bieber song we should be mad at beiber!!!!” but in the original song the lyrics are “if you like the way you look that much than baby you should go and love yourself” .,,., h*lsey changed the lyrics,,,, jb said nuthin abt “go and fuck yourself” uwu

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Can't help but feel nme are now licking up to the band after they slagged them off for so long.

lol i know like they just turned a corner and decided they like them all of a sudden. bit hypocritical i guess but to be fair people’s opinions can certainly change.. i mean i used to be a fan of h*lsey

If I offended anyone last night with the h*lsey posts I apologize, please do not feel bad for liking her, I too liked her a while ago, but understand hat I have changed my mind and I also have my reasons to feel rather uncomfortable with some things she does and they keep coming, so yeah, again, I apologize if I made anyone feel bad yesterday.

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I live for h*lsey drama and I've been looking thru one of the girls that got the tattoos with twitters but Wat was she saying about it not being like for fans and that they knew each before hand

she didn’t explicitly say it but she said she met halsey way before at a 5sos after party and they had dms together since and saw each other a few times and i know one of the other girls was in a similar boat that they’d met her a lot so it was never a thing for like whatever fans replied i think she was especially selective which i get but like,,, don’t say it’s open to any fans when you’re gonna pick people you’ve met so many times before

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isn't it just like an angry song? like there are millions out there saying the same thing just not as bluntly? i don't wanna start drama because I don't care that much but I've seen the thing around a lot and it sounds like so many other angry songs ive heard and she's the only one to get crap for it idk man

shes literally considered herself a feminist & she literally sang that (especially since shes said shit about “love your body!” but she goes and does that???) it doesnt matter who she was singing it to or who it was about its still fucking nasty of her to do that. honestly if she wants to say shit like that she can keep it to herself or write it in a notebook, but heaven forbid she sing about it. im sorry, i get what you mean but what that was wasnt feminism and its fucking disgusting. end of subject.