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Episode 10

Bellamy’s skin is so bad compared to Clarke’s!

I’m glad Clarke now believes there is a different way! A third way, that is not slaughtering each other. She learned! Good teacher Finn.

That was all the food? I thought they collected berries and shit. SUDDENLY food is a concern, bc one smokehouse burned down. wild onions and nuts is enough to last them one or two weeks? For 80 people every day? wow. they must have collected A LOT.

One guy trying to be nervously friendly and Finn and Clarke are like what is this pleb doing? Trying to be friends? He’s probably idk really a sneaky bastard or something because of course. Or die like always

‘You may be a huge pain in the ass, but you’re smart.’ when has Raven EVER been a liability? Never. She’s made one cute joke. She’s always been practical, straightforward and brilliant. She has set up EVERYTHING from the moment she landed that allowed the ARK and 100 to survive. Unlike Bellamy who succeeded very hard at escalating a confict into a war. Wtf Bellamy. Who is writing this stuck up ass. At least he made her feel valued in a roundabout asshole way. (and he’s a respectful sexual partner from what we can see).

aw no whatever Miles was just gonna die i guess.Because that’s how this show rolls.

How did Jaha get to Earth Monitoring and Kane somewhere else and how are they not blown up as they were super close to the exodus release.

I don’t really get this thing where Clarke is like ‘so the killing can just keep going’ all accusatory or what because they’re training a fourteen year old to be a warrior. I mean the Guard trains people to be the next guard too. Grounders do it earlier because they fucking die all the time.

I mean I don’t know how crushed lungs and shit work. But if you poke a hole in her lungs to let out the blood. and then try to put in like a super small bit of healthy blood to….counteract the septic blood…? that all honestly sounds like a lost cause.

ehhhh Grounders always do what they threaten. How the hell is Finn not gonna die? (oh my still- nice boy Finn)

‘Five kills? She was a little girl!’Clarke says and then slashes a man’s throat open and looks into his eyes as he dies, holding a hand to his mouth and shushhing.


This fucking horror!!!! THIS HORROR OF A HUMAN BEING AHAHAHA!!! I delight in this now. This is what has been done to me.

What an intense look - like, hm, a classic delicious villain look? And then it’s like she realises a little bit that she just took her first very-close-counter kill. This reminds me of Eliza’s vine she went ‘yeah i save lives, well i pretend to but it’s the same thing’.  …

I guess it’s a nice: you’re a hypocrite if you thought what the Grounders are doing is inhumane LOOK your fav just killed a guy too trip by the show.

Also honestly I have literally lost all shits to give about the Arkers, and especially  Jaha and Kane I mean srsly.

Why would Anya bring TWO guards to a completely isolated place to get the sky kids to fix up her second? Clarke: *escapes*

The Grounders didn’t even kill Miles? they just left him with two arrows in? Not even a mercy kill? A battle kill? they were like, not-float that pleb we got our heal skaikru (why they fuck did their Healer die? They couldn’t have at the bridge why would they send a healer in first? perhaps reapers). At least the show finally breaks the tradition of introducing characters and then immediately killing them off.

well that was it wrappping up. Finn should honestly be dead by now.

hey. i  think defense of self and others you love is a perfectly understandable - even justifiable thing to do. Just don’t think that it’s RIGHT.

Episode 9

WOW! how did Octavia shave her armpits on the ground?

anyway. I still have no clue why Diane would do what she’s doing officially which casts her as the bad person by the narrative, Like, from what I can see she’s right. The council is all going to Earth and the rest? Well who KNOWS what the ARK social hierarchy is like? nobody, so her motivations are grounded in nothing.

also why does nobody wear a bra (type thing) in this series? Niylah nope Clarke nope Octavia nope. I mean, it’s not necessary, but I would have thought it’d exist on the Ark.

OHHHHHHH MY !!!!! here it is! I was wrong. they do explicitly NAME the Ark ideology!! (I still don’t think they show explicitly enough how it influences our main characters’ choices even as they distance themselves from their elders).

FINN IS THE BEST! dear boy, you are the light in the dark. Perhaps Clarke and Raven can learn from you before you fuck everything up in season 2. Lincoln realises there is still some hope in Clarke.

FINN YOU ARE A LIGHT IN THE DARK. You are teaching Clarke to see beyond her IMMEDIATE go-to response. I mean she’s still going to follow Ark ideology of preservation and superirority but at least she starts to see the necessity for peace and shedding that immediate KILL EVERYTHING response not just from empathy but from ideology.

oh my goddddd. Clarke why are you talking with Bellamy??? BELLAMY?!?? I am so sick of this guy!!!! so sick!!!!! of this violence war guy!!! backup? ok idea except those weren’t the terms. THOSE WEREN’T THE TERMS oh and i know it already of course Bellamy is gonna give goddamn PTSD kid Jasper WHO IS DRUNK a gun and he’s gonna shoot up everything because he’s twitchy. this is on you Clarke for getting Bellamy involved and it’s on Bellamy for not choosing the right people.

yes wanting peace is so idiotic. they’re just savages you know. It’s not like they had valid reasons to kill people in their territory. Kind of like how you feel like you have valid reasons to kill them around your place. Finn is an idiot for not wanting war with thousands of Grounders you’re gonna live with for the rest of your lives. An idiot for not repeating the mistake that led to the downfall of earth (tho this is apparently no longer true…)

this is a beautiful episode. Because there is at least one person talking sense and owning CLarke at her own beliefs. Unity day! maybe we should….not blow other people up but unite with them!! Clarke sees Anya’s point!! yes the Skaikru are invaders and they escalated the situation. and damn those rockets burning a village down really was unlucky. Bellamy’s actions by taking the grounder was shitty.

‘I’m nothing like you.’ what does that meann in this situation? As in, Abby can look past the murder of her husband to not make hasty decisions and blow the exodus ship and ARk in one go? Or she’s a priviliged important ARK citizen and she doesn’t practically give afuck about workers left behind on the ARK (not to diie bc why the fuck would they die when 700 people leave and their oxygen will last much longer- unless they send down all the brightest engineers who could eventually fix the system)? seriously though her husband was murdered. did she even love this dude? i need more Ark background indoctrination to understand how people can just let it go when their family gets floated for nothing. and why some people can’t - because they have no control.

I guess if there’s not enough drop ships to get everybody to the ground, people are just gonna have to make em out of the ARK. Shouldn’t have killed the brilliant mechanic Jake who believe that there could be tech solutions and people could work together on them. Maybe Jaha shouldn’t have lied AGAIN and tried to get people sort of killed AGAIN without their consent. It’s like this man never learns. Wait… familiar. I need to know more ARK ideology to understand the sheer significance of Earth to people that Jaha would lie about this shit.

It’s like this show is trying to tell me something….something like, if you lie and shoot first and don’t trust and are willing to murder a lot of people because you FEEL they are a threat to you on principle then you ruin everything.

I like this message. I just wish they spent less time on all these characters doing just that and being real idiots about it. (SO WHY AM I EVEN WATCHING??? i guess i’m just gonna have to love to hate ARkers and hang my sympathy on Octavia. And Clarke developing into somebody who burns for her sins - who recognises that murdering a lot of people is Not Good on principle - even if survival forces us sometimes (which i don’t really agree with but ok - it still allows you a lot of ‘oh well there’s no other choice’ bullshit)