Oh gosh, I had no idea that I would be staring at 700 of you. I didn’t even think I would make it to 100 followers, but you’re all here! I can’t express how much it means to me to have all of you here with me && Ed. He’s such a wonderful piece of my childhood && to be able to write him with all of you is such a fantastic feeling, honest! I’m so, so, so very thankful for all of you. Thank you so much for all of your support && for being so patient with me. You’re all so wonderful. 


You’re all fantastic friends to me. I don’t know where I’d be without any of you && I’m just so glad that you’re all here with me. You’re all stuck with me. Bless you all for coping with how slow I am or how much of a forgetful idiot I can be. I adore all of you! I’m so glad none of you have blocked me yet due to half of the crap that I come up with in the middle of the night / early in the morning. 

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You’re not wrong, you’re being watched. I’m probably stalking you from afar without much shame tbh. But you’re all so wonderful && I truly want to get to know all of you better! Thank you for following me! 

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eisschirmchen replied to your post:I OVERSLEPT THE FIELD TRIP MY GRADE MOTHER FUCK

OH NO!!! ;O; Is there a way to catch up on the field trip, like you can go to the place or is it too late now? ;n;

hnnggg it’s an hour commute to the place and it’s ending in an hour.. fakwjehfkhaweiuf it was about 10% of my grade ;w;’’

i overslept all my alarms and my mom did nothing to wake me up even though she knew that it was important…. sigh

luckily i can try to go on to the site as a make up assignment at any time before the class ends next week and do the make up assignment but it’s not an easy location to get to for me ;w;’’

kona-the-wolf; ;w;’’ it’ll be hard but yes i can try to