Okay guys! Here we go. I’m so excited! 

Cosima and Ross’s DITFT Legacy/Challenge

They are Magury Sims. I chose them because I needed color in my life. I am also hoping to try and keep the Magury Ears through out the generations! *crosses fingers* I moved them into a tiny single bedroom in the ever changing Sugar Valley. It was the first day of Winter. Just my luck

Mind you, I never tried to document my progress during game play before so bare with me if the pictures are kinda awkward ;3

With love in their hearts and anxiety in mine, I say let gets this started! 


It was Ross’s birthday but something frighting happened that never happened to me before. The cake spontaneously sets the table and Ross on fire. I literally screamed! I started the panic. I did everything I could to try and save Ross but he died.

On the verge of real tears I was going to quit the game when I notice something that also never happened to me before. Edi rushes from her spot on the couch to bark and harass Grim!

She continues to do so until Grim backs up in fear and he give up! He gives us back Ross! Edi saved him! I couldn’t believe all the events that happened. Edi immediately gets to Ross first and gives him a lot of licks to his face. Grim was not pleased.

Cosi is next to run over and gives him a huge make out session. With Ross back alive I quickly save and ironically both Ross and Cosi gain the ‘Eternally Faithful’ moodlet, 

;_; Someone hug me, That was close. I don’t think i’m ever going to use the cakes again. lol. 


The days sail on by for my little family. Everyone has been busy. 

  • Ross has been working on his writing skills while working at the bookstore. He takes care of his 3 plants when he can lol.
  • Cosi has been a stay at home mom for now. She performs for tips when she gets time. She has taken a liking to teaching Edi tricks. 
  • Kosmos(Mo/Gremlin) has been investing a lot of time in his painting. I didn’t notice it but he has the artistic trait.
  • They saved enough to get an extension on the house. They also got some fish!