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Pace, Liberta, Nova, Debito, and Luca seeing their s/o having a panic attack. Please.

hope you like it! to anyone who gets triggered by mentions of panic attacks, i tag all posts including them with #tw panic attack the same goes for any other triggers people might have! i’ll have a #tw at the front followed by the trigger    ヾ (@゜∇゜@)ノ x

Pace would be stroking his partners hair and holding onto them tightly once he was sure that they had calmed down. He’d stay silent until they managed to get their breathing under control before asking them if they were okay and telling them that he’d be there for them. He’s suggest that they go and get some of their favourite food and would constantly reassure his partner that everything would get better.

Liberta would be a nervous wreck. He’d rush over to his partner and pull them in for a tight hug and make sure that they were all okay before asking what had happened. If they hadn’t yet calmed down enough for them to tell him, he’s gently pick them up and carry them to bed before lying down with them in his arms. He wouldn’t leave their side until he was sure that they were okay and even then he would still reluctant about leaving them.

Nova would be fairly calm in the situation and would handle it quite well. He’d go over to his partner and gently ask if they were okay. Once he was sure that they wouldn’t mind being pulled in for a hug, he’d pull them tightly against his chest. He’d hold them close until they were feeling well enough to talk. He would listen intently as they talked and would do his best to comfort and reassure them.

Debito would calmly pull them against his chest and run his fingers through their hair as he placed a kiss on the top of their head. He would understand if his partner didn’t want to talk about it and would have no problem with hugging them and holding them close until they had calmed down. When they were feeling better, he’s take a seat with them and offer his support and tell them that he would be there for them if they wanted to talk about it.

Luca would be very worried about his partner. He’d rush over with a worried frown on his face and gently take their hand in his. He’d gently lead them to the bed and have them lay down before rushing off and getting them their favourite drink or food. Once he had done that, he’d take a seat beside them, with an arm wrapped around their shoulder, and tell them they didn’t need to worry and that he’d do his best to protect them.