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Quick Tip for Exams

Specifically, law exams.

When to start preparing for finals: 6 weeks before your first exam. 

If you have a bunch of exams condensed into one week (or a few days), complete your outline for the last exam first. That way, you avoid scrambling/forgetting everything you know about that exam, at the last minute. 

10.31.16 • [33] // It’s Halloween night and I’ve been stuck in the library all day because I last-minute decided to apply to another five law schools outside of Ontario as back-ups, just in case. They literally took six hours to get through since their application systems aren’t standardized, but they’re done, and it’s probably for the best.


29.Dec.16 // Studying at the breakfast table for a change of scenery. Some things I’ve discovered: 1) trust your gut when choosing answers, 2) pick an answer and move on, don’t linger, 3) when you can’t pick which is right, look for what is wrong. Also, my brother and sister-in-law got me an aromatherapy diffuser and it is magical. 

26.06.2016• LSAT Prep Day 10. Almost done with this book 💪🏻 I have now bought the ticket to take the LSAT this September 🙌🏻 If you want to keep track of my progress you can watch my study vlogs on my channel (SincerelyGisselle) 👍🏻 For those taking any big admission exams this year, I want to wish you good luck, you can do it!! 👊🏻💪🏻

Can it be good, from the age of 10 to the age of 23 , to be always preparing for an exam, and always knowing that your whole worldly future depends on it: and not only knowing it, but perpetually reminded of it by your parents and masters? Is this the way to breed a nation of people in psychological, moral, and spiritual health?
—  C.S. Lewis to Dr. Warfield M. Firor (March 12, 1950)