July 20 2015 || I spent a lot of time with friends today so I got a later start to studying but it wasn’t so bad. Switched to a thicker pen today, but I’m almost out of ink! Currently listening to my study play list, I’m hoping to finish this chapter before bed and drill tomorrow!

LSAT Prep Books & Self-Study – How I got a 177 on the LSAT

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A high LSAT score is, indeed, quite life-changing.

Joshua Craven
UChicago Law School
J.D., Class of 2012

An LSAT score above 175 can get you into a top 5 law school—on the largest scholarship they offer. It certainly did for me. But I did work hard to get there.

My first diagnostic score was similar to (actually below) yours. I scored in the 152-153 range on my initial diagnostic LSAT. With about 3 months of LSAT prep, I was able to score a 177 on the actual exam.


anonymous asked:

Not sure if you've answered this, but can you give some advice on LSAT studying? What was your first practice test score vs what score did you actually end up with on the real deal? How many hours did you study/practice tests you take? What should a new LSAT studier be preparing for/know now as they are just starting to study? Thanks in advanced! :)

Yep! First of all, DO NOT USE Kaplan/Princeton/etc or any of those study books. It’s general consensus that they’re incredibly subpar when it comes to studying for the LSAT. Use Manhattan LSAT bundle (what I used) or the Powerscore Bibles. These books rock. I first went through the Manhattan LSAT bundles. Then I did the Cambridge LSAT drill packets which breaks the questions into type and difficulty. It helps you realize what you’re bad at (aka maybe you’re particularly poor at Logical Reasoning Paradox questions). I did both these and practice tests at the same time.

All in all, I did 17 full-length timed practice tests, plus another 20+ as drill packets. My overall studying was probably ~200+ hours over 5 months. My first timed test was a 162 without studying. I ended up in the high 170’s. Getting over 170 is the bump that takes awhile. It was definitely worth putting in the effort - high scores are what get you the good scholarships and admissions.

Also, I suggest taking it easy the two weeks before the exam or you’ll burn yourself out. At that point another couple hours of studying shouldn’t make any difference. It takes awhile, I’m confident that many people can get a 170+ if they put in the effort. It’s a very study-able test.

Also good (free) websites: and - free video explanations to every logic game!

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Hii congratulations on getting in to law school. I also want to be a lawyer but everyone I have talked to always tells me its very difficult to get into. I guess what im asking is could you describe your experience. Thanks

Hey love! First of all, thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

Yassss to you also wanting to be a lawyer! I’m going to be completely honest with you. Getting into law school is A LOT of work. So the question I want to ask you are “Why do you want to be a lawyer?” If you’re answer is because “I want to be rich.” Then you might want to reconsider going to law school because it is not going to be as easy as you think. 

Luckily for me, I knew why I wanted to be a lawyer and I was able to find an internship at a law firm which further strengthen my reasoning onto why I wanted to become a lawyer. 

As far as getting in to law school, like I said it is A LOT of work. You have to prepare for the LSAT, get your recommendations and personal statements ready, fill out your law school applications, all while balancing school/work/extracurricular activities. But YOU GOT THIS!

For me, it was all about time management. I studied for the LSAT for FIVE months without taking a LSAT prep class (biggest mistake ever) but I did utilize the Practice LSATs my school offered as well as asked my mentor as well as my Tumblr fam who are or have been in law school, what ways they studied and what to really focus on. This help me A LOT!

As for the application, personal statements, and the letter recommendations, something I really wish I listened to was GET THEM DONE EARLY and DO NOT turn them in by the deadline! Me being a procrastinator I am I feel like I waited to long which made me get denied from school I was suppose to get into because they had no more room. 

Hopefully that helps, if you have any more questions. PLEASE feel free to ask! Good luck boo!

This is just a rough heads up for anyone that cares.

Come November 6th (this Thursday after my lesson), I’ll be disappearing from Tumblr until roughly December 7th. I take the LSAT (law school entrance exam) December 6th, so I’ve gotta buckle down and use all of my nonexistent free time to study and take prep tests so that I can get at least a 165. 

I’d very much so love/appreciate if all of you lovely lot would stick around/stay with me until then; send me good vibes because this test is literally the worst. I’d rather go to a circus full of clowns than take this exam (and I’ve got one shit case of coulrophobia).