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OH MY GOD okay so my best friend was studying for her LSATs and one of the logic game questions used the name of this fuckboy she used to have a thing with and she sent me a picture of the question and was like “ugh ew”. i jokingly sent back a fake logic game in response AND SHE SOLVED IT SHE FUCKING SOLVED IT OH MY GOD I’M CRYINGGGG AHAHA I LOVE HER SO MUCH 😂♥️🙌😭

Well, I posted this once and it completely disappeared???

Anywho, today is the first day of my personal challenge to myself to wake up every day at 6am. I’m going to try to document every day of this for the summer. I normally can’t be bothered to get about bed before 11 for any amount of money so waking up this morning was garbage.

I’ve already done my morning yoga, eaten breakfast, and practiced violin for about an hour. I’m currently working on revision of some old kanji that I haven’t touched in ages. With the help of caffeine, I’m finally beginning to feel like a person! ☺

Can it be good, from the age of 10 to the age of 23 , to be always preparing for an exam, and always knowing that your whole worldly future depends on it: and not only knowing it, but perpetually reminded of it by your parents and masters? Is this the way to breed a nation of people in psychological, moral, and spiritual health?
—  C.S. Lewis to Dr. Warfield M. Firor (March 12, 1950)


Cleaned, working on Evidence now, and then I have to finish my Motion to Dismiss for Advanced Litigation Writing. I’m not super excited for this Oscars season, but I’ll probably still watch tonight if I finish everything.

A productive Sunday brings a happy Monday. 😊