Violet does not like when nothing gets done.

(made this post because some people on my wingspiral holiday special team are having trouble understanding the rules of working with others)

I’m extremely short on panel artists! If you want to do anything else to help, that’s fine! But I’m mostly seeking peeps to do lineart! I color at godly speeds so yeah I just need lineartists and i’ll do the rest. XD

((Again, this is for the new upcoming WingSpiral HOLIDAY specials! My usual updates are all done by me!)) To help: / send an ask/ message me /comment on this post /idklmao

WingSpiral Holiday Specials!

I’ve been thinking and have finally decided that WingSpiral will have holiday specials about 2-5 posts long each. The first special will be for Thanksgiving around November 23rd! I will not be drawing any of the specials and I have reqruited quite a few friends to help me! But you can never have TOO much help! ;D

I am now accepting:
-panel artists
-character designers
-background artists/concepters
-Interior and exterior designers

I am the writer for all the specials! So i don’t need any art directors or writers. That’s my job! If you are interested in having a hand in the specials, you will be added within the credits (it will also clearly state what you did). You can send me asks about it and shoot me an email at with examples of your work and such! I generally use Skype ;D Thank you!

Hope you will all enjoy this new addition to the WingSpiral universe! Any questions, just ask! Remember, this is a group effort! Talent and contribution is welcome!

P.s. I don’t bite :U