*warning! episode 10 spoilers*

WAIT wait wait wait I just realized one thing. It might be just my imagination, but after the episode 10 of YoI…. Like do you remember in the first episode when Victor saw Yuri skating his program and he suddenly decided to become his “coach”? Because why would you fly to another country to train your rival? This doesn’t really make any sense

What if he went all the way to Japan to see him not just  because of Yuri’s impressive figure skating skills, but because in that video Victor recognized in Yuri THAT guy he lost after the drunk party and where Yuri is right now?

THAT one guy who asked him to become his coach?

THAT one guy who awakened his feelings and love from the first sight?

Victor fell in love with Yuri even back than after the banquet, but they lost each other after the party. And guess what? Yuri didn’t remember anything from that night because he was too drunk. That’s why he acted so rude when Victor offered to take a photo. Because he didn’t remember. And that’s why Victor looked so lost when Yuri  walked away. Victor didn’t understand what he did wrong. THAT guy he was fascinated by just turned around and ignored him!

So let’s come back to this moment

What if he looks not just focused on the video, but kinda…. pissed?  Like “You are the first and only one I revealed my feelings to, I finally found you and what am I seeing here? You are skating my program like nothing happened. Do you think I will let you go so easily?”

And here is where  the story begins. The circle closed. Victor’s behavior, his ambiguous phrases, the desire to get closer to Yuri …. Everything makes sense now!

But the best thing about all this is  that Victor’s feelings are mutual. And he still can not believe in it

But he found Yuri

And will never let him go again

I’m just crying here this anime is so beautiful

Episode 10:
  • Writers: it's a filler episode...
  • Friends: ok, so not much is gonna happen, maybe some cute moments or something.

Yuri on ice fandom be like 

Editor: skyjumin

more soft™ isak + even bc i believe they will be happy in the end 

  • isak stops wearing his fuckboy hat so often because even likes to run his hands through his hair. like,, he’s actually obsessed with it 
  • isak washing even’s hair but putting way too much shampoo and some of it gets into his eyes and he’s just laughing and squinting as isak highkey fusses over him because his eyes are all red 
    • soapy kisses on his neck and chest
    • blowing soap bubbles
  • that thing that isak does when he nudges at even with his nose but doesn’t initiate the kiss, but reversed:
    • even laying on isak’s chest while he’s doing homework (actually not), and even is just a little bored, although he never fully could be so long as isak is with him
    • but he lifts his head and waits for isak to notice. isak pecks him on the lips and goes back to work but even is content 
  • isak taking so many pictures. sometime’s he can’t quite believe even’s existence. i mean have you seen the way this boy looks at even??? like he’s a miracle??? so he’ll just take pictures while even is cooking or doodling and sometimes even won’t notice but sometimes he does and immediatly strikes a ridiculous pose that makes isak laugh 
    • how does isak have space on his phone anymore??? it is a mystery 
  • even’s lips always being a little chapped. he forgets to eat and drink water a lot. so isak makes him carry a chapstick and keeps one of his own too for even to use when he inevitably loses the one isak gives him