After attending the event (Loyola Schools Award for the Arts) every year since I was a freshman to cover it for The GUIDON, it’s strange that, this time, I was in the place of those whom I’ve only taken photos of before. Happy to have gotten an LSAA award for photography. Congratulations to the other awardees too! They have great works and performing skills :D

Photo by Kit Ang 


Today was the awarding ceremonies for the 2012 Loyola Schools Awards for the Arts. My friends Ean and Jio won the LSAA for Photography. Congrats guys!

Escaler Hall was full which was why Karlo, Pia, and I watched it from the back. Here you see Pia studying for a test.

March 14,2012|Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City


Thankful Photoset Post No. 1: The Loyola Schools Awards for the Arts (LSAA) for the Graphic Design Category

I offer this award to my teachers, Sir Lech Velasco and Sir Mike Parker, who’ve made design insightful and worth doing, to the FA Program, to Doc Marlu Vilches and the Dean’s Office Staff, to ID 2013, to my parents, and to friends who’ve especially helped me bear the weight of my disappointments and frustrations. Khail, Arnold, and Geneve, thank you for celebrating with me!

I will always look back to design as the discipline that taught me how to give without counting the cost.

P. S. Thanks to Andi and Sir Glen Mas for the photos!


Come to the Loyola Schools Awards for the Arts 2012 at Escaller Hall 4:30PM-6:00PM on March 14, 2012.

Here’s the list of awardees:

Creative Writing: Poetry

Joseph Immanuel G. Casimiro

Michael Rey S. Orlino

Theater Arts

Paul Nicolo C. Claustro

Julia Mae A. Motoomull

Lemelen S. Palad

Alfredo G. Reyes II

Brian Matthew G. Sy

Charles Ivan R. Yee

Visual Arts: Graphic Design

Lester L. Cruz

Katrina B. Pecson

Daniel Iñigo F. Regalado

Corinne Angelica D. Serrano

Visual Arts: Illustration

John Alexis B. Balaguer

Valerie Mae B. Ong

Natasha Marie D. Ringor

Visual Arts: Photography

Mikhalo Ean L. Dacay

Jose Miguel L. Igual

Ionne Bettina D. Ocampo


Sherine Ann E. Koa

Band – Never the Strangers (JP del Mundo, Ace Libre, Francis Victa, PJ la Viña)

Edison A. Yatco, Jr.


Therese Michelle L. Kawpeng

Carmela Christina A. Pangan

Andi Raisa Noor R. Tabusalla

Video by Lester Cruz