Tomorrow I will see some of my 4th year classmates for Juvy’s debut. WIIIIII FUCK THIS SHIT TO DEATH. Man, I miss them all.

Then I’ll be the loudest… what’s new.

Then I heard we’ll be having drinks, soooooo

LS402: SY2009-2010

Ugh. I was organizing my albums in Facebook. When I happened to open the LS402 album, I suddenly miss them. They’ve given me so much happiness ever since I met them. I celebrated my 15th birthday with them and it was the best birthday I’ve ever had. I miss our adviser, Ms. Imee Africa, who really gives us support when we really need it. She’s been there in hard times and good times. Even if sometimes, we got so noisy and we’re being irritated with each other, she never leaves us. I miss all of my classmates whom given me so many happy memories that I’m still remembering now and will never be forgotten. EHE! I hope there will be a reunion of our class soon. I really really want to see them again and make some good memories with them once again. No any other class can replace them in my heart. I love you, LS402.

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