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yall exo-ls acting like you're top shit for selling out 1 stadium while there are other groups out there getting international recognition that exo could never get

okay first of all “1 stadium” is the Jamsil Olympic Stadium which holds 70k+ people and the last time it was sold out was 17 years ago. Not only is exo the first and only 3rd generation to have the privilege of performing there but they also managed to sell out all 70k+ seats in less than 15 minutes and people are still itching to buy seats for their 2nd date so i can only imagine how much faster they’ll sell out for day two so honestly every single word of encouragement or hyping up exo-ls have done are completely justified so idk maybe you should just stop sounding so pressed idk just a suggestion

and secondly, exo a kpop group centred in korea not getting north american recognition???? (you don’t need to sugarcoat it we all know who and what you’re talking about) oh no how tragic what ever shall they do. but if you truly wanted cold hard facts no offense but exo has and still is fucking it up in na and pretty much the rest of the world since before your faves even made it big so idk maybe take your ass out of my blog and focus on your own faves for once instead of so desperately trying to downplay exo’s never ending list of achievements

Suggestion for everyone: turn shout chat off when Early Access begins.

People are gonna spoil Stormblood MSQ. People are gonna start shout fights because they want attention. People are gonna be huge trolls, because we’re on the internet and anonymity empowers idiots. Save yourself the trouble by turning shout (and maybe even yell) off in your general chat tab. If you think you’re in a LS that could end up with spoilers or griefing, turn it off as well.

Hells, I have mine off right now because people are intentionally picking bullshit arguments just to make a scene, and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Save yourself the trouble and blood pressure and don’t give the assholes a chance to ruin it for you.


Whoever needs some free Choices lockscreens, I’ve got some right here. You’re free to use it. :)

(If anyone wanna request lockscreens, just send me an ask or PM me)

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Ah! I can't believe I met another shinsou lover ~ are you planning on writing scenarios for him~?

Heya!!! Fellow Shinsou fan!

Oh my I have lots of headcanons for Hitoshi but alas, I don’t think I’m good enough to write scenarios for him.

…Actually now that I think about it, I don’t exactly know what writing scenarios is. Is it just describing a hypothetical situation or something? Like a mini fanfic or a drabble?

Anyway here are some of my thoughts about him:

  • We all know Hitoshi likes cats. Whenever he sees one, like a stray or someone’s pet, he’d always take the time to say hi to it or pet it if he could. Sometimes he visits cat cafes too (secretly)
  • Actually, he likes animals in general. This is because they’re not afraid to reciprocate his kind gestures, unlike most people because of the stigma surrounding his Quirk.
  • He’s a big Hero nerd like Izuku and also believes in their inherent desire to do good. It’s one of the many reasons why he’s striving so hard to be one. It’s also the reason why he was so disappointed with Class 1-A when he first saw them (Katsuki’s fault).
  • He loves reading books! He also likes peace and quiet so the library is one of his favorite places.
  • Hitoshi is insecure with his crooked teeth. The moment he had a tiny bit of (genuine) smile going his hand flies to his mouth to cover them. Especially when laughing! He tries so hard to hide his smiles. As a result people think he’s gloomy (he’s not!)
  • ^ He doesn’t do that when he’s trying to be intimidating though. After all, he likes to smirk.
  • Whenever he feels nervous or tense or anything uncomfortable, he puts his hand/s on the back of his neck to calm himself down. (This is most probably canon)
  • He likes teasing others. (I strongly believe this is canon as we have seen him tease Izuku. TWICE)
  • His gloomy appearance is a very big misconception of his character, and it kinda sticks to most people. Coupled with his Quirk, this is why most people tend to avoid him. But he’s nice, kind, easy to get along with, a dork, a good student. Unfortunate…
  • He doesn’t mind not having lots of friends. He’s used to it. He doesn’t blame them at all either. He thinks if he was in their position, he’d also avoid mingling with a person with his Quirk. (canon)

화양연화 pt.2 : Movie Posters


‘Okay, Dan and Phil, you’ve never written a song before, how is it that you tell us your idea for what the song should be about, and then I can get a friend of mine who composes for Broadway and he can come up with some lyrics for you?’

And we’re like… Eh… Okay, well…

part 1 // part 2

EXO-Ls, Yixing fans listen up!

On April 24th (that’s in 2 days), please make a banner like this with the country where you live and post it on here, twitter, instagram, EVERYWHERE with the hashtag #WeCherishYixing! We need to show our unicorn that no matter what, we are always stand beside him hand in hand!


EDIT: I forgot to add the time, it starts at 12am CST (Chinese Standard Time)

I hate that I was like conditioned to hate Exo for reasons in a fandom before, like they drop fucking bops and I’m disappointed in myself for not giving them a chance before just jumping on the anti-exo band wagon. 

But I can say now that I love their music and honestly wish them the best like jeez break all the records my dude, I’m p proud of them and i don’t even stan them. GG. 

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hi J. how do you browse the finnpoe tag/enjoy finnpoe content on tumblr safely w/o running into reylos. Like i love finnpoe but reylo disgusts the hell out of me so i cant go into the tag (cuz every other finnpoe post is reylo related). I can only really enjoy finnrey since thats the only other big finn ship.

you know what i do???? i suffer. 

nah but really: first of all i follow @fuckyeah-stormpilot which is the best finnpoe blog out there period. 

and i dont ever go into the finnpoe/stormpilot tag on tumblr on here. not only cause of reylos but also because most stormpilot fans are antiblack freaks who dehumanize finn every chance they get. 

as for ao3 theres some way you can blacklist tags (including reylo) but my computer is fucked sooooo my eyes have developed past normal human capabilities and they just naturally blur out/block out all reylo content AND all content created by antiblack finnpoe “fans” so really i only see 1 fic a month or so ksjfdlkj loool

like the thing that frustrates me with scourge is that he demonstrably does feel and demonstrate emotions during the vanilla story. but this is never acknowledged by said story, and while we are told repeatedly Scourge Does Not Feel Feels, in every other cutscene he’s getting frustrated (emotion) with the jedi (both in the Order and the Knight sense) or angry (emotion) with the same. he laments (emotion) that he can’t remember his first love’s eye colour. he’s proud (emotion) of being Sith.

and i honestly couldn’t tell you if it’s bwa’s low quality writing or not (well. i mean i can tell you that i think it is bwa’s low quality writing - see previous comments re: toxic masculinity)

but like. a sith who cannot feel emotion - any emotion, at all - would be a fascinating, horrifying character study. emotional responses - the correct ones, at any rate - are at the core of sith philosophy and of DS Force use. cutting a Sith off from their emotions would force them to do one of two things - take up LS Force use habits, or forgo Force use entirely, two things for which a Sith as orthodox as Scourge are equally repellent. they’d essentially be made Tranquil - no desire, no pride, no joy, no fear, no anger, just service in the name of the Circle Emperor. but Scourge shows none of that whatsoever. even if he’d retained his own agenda, there’d still be none of the arrogance (emotion) that he throws around - he’d be more Jedi than the Jedi.

and basically what i am getting at here is that this is classic Bioware telling us one thing (the Empire has changed! Scourge does not feel emotion! Kotfetet was really well recieved!) and then showing us something completely different and sigh