ls magazine

Harry at fabulous magazine
  • Stylist: Harry that jacket is absolutely gorgeous on you. I think my work here is done
  • Harry *peering over her shoulder*: But what of my accessories? What's that? Over there?
  • Stylist: That's my beret, from home, I own it, I wore it here.
  • Harry: I want to wear it.
  • Stylist: But that doesn't reall-
  • Louis *grabs beret*: Harry wants to wear it. Look at him. He looks fabulous
  • Harry: Thank you, love
  • Stylist: I mean honestly I think you look a bit ridiculous I mean-
  • Louis: Don't you dare-
  • Harry: No Lou, no worries, it's perfect and I refuse to remove it
  • Stylist*mutters*: I give up. I swear to god if I get fired....
  • H&L smile while Louis adjusts beret.
  • Louis *bops harrys nose*: Who's my little French fashionista?
  • Harry *hangs head* quietly: I am

krystal - puma lockscreens.

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This is made by me, and is in no way a real Teen Vogue cover altough I wish that one day we will be able to buy something like this

sort-of continuation to this