{3} Like Smoke

holy shit I finally updated. I’m going to try and be consistent and update this story weekly. Finally found my inspiration for this story again.

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{ Mafia!Dazai x F!Reader }{ Mature }{ Canon Divergent }{ canon - typical violence }

The silence is unexpectedly comfortable. Or maybe the alcohol gliding through your veins was keeping your body relaxed and mind focused on the blurring lights framing the empty road. Dazai had practically force fed you potstickers before scurrying you out of the door with fried dough still partially hanging from your lips. Starless, the night looks like a canvas painted with heavy strokes of flitting navy blue with a half-moon pinned in the corner. He barely gave direction as you drove with nervous fingers drumming on the steering wheel. Dazai whistles with the song on the radio, head leaning against the window.

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