You’ve gotta be kidding me.

This is the second time that I’ve listed my PAL copy of Xenoblade on Ebay, only to have the person who won the auction realize that it’s a PAL copy, and they can’t play it on their Wii without a mod. 

Despite the fact that I list it SEVERAL TIMES on the auction that it’s a PAL copy.

I’m going to scream.

anonymous asked:

A new Energy Lockseed is dropped into Ryoma's lap with a note attached. "Use wisely." It was the Dragonfruit Energy Lockseed. (M!A: Ryoma gains this Lockseed and its powers for 3 days, unless mun wats to decrease or increase that number.)

(( #It’s not exactly a ‘super mode’#It just functions as an extension for his cyborg form#But its requirements include him to *be* a cyborg#Since the Dragon Energy lockseed requires an energy source#A combination of both human and cybernetic energy#And so will only work with Ryouma’s Genesis Driver. 

—I believe I posted this ask a day or so ago. I will not accept M!As regarding the Dragon Energy lockseed with NON-CYBORG Ryouma because it goes against my headcanons. And I should add at this point of time that Ryouma’s Genesis Driver is modded differently from the others — mainly because the kill switch targets surrounding Genesis Drivers. His own wasn’t affected because it did not have a kill switch built in. Long explanation aside, I decline this M!A. ))