Living Right is Mostly in the Trying || Open

A smile was plastered on Ellie’s face as the petite girl wandered, a glass of some type of spirits dangling in her hand dangerously. Her eyes wandered over the scenes around her, people laughing and cheering, others still enjoying the feast, some simply chatting or stealing moments together in dark corners. It was a lovely night, and the people she had spent it with were just as lovely. When she’d first joined the circus, she’d been most nervous about her new co-workers, her new family. The thought nearly made her laugh now; circus folk were a breed all their own, and a thoroughly enjoyable one at that.

Slowly but surely, the tumbler made her way to a log-end that had been placed some distance away from the tables. It was probably meant to be a seat, but had been forgotten. Or maybe some wayward performer had set it up to show off. Either way, Ellie hardly thought it mattered now, as no one had claimed it. She moved to it herself, sitting down on it less than gracefully and giggling all the while. Her smile was due to more than just high spirits. She’d had more than one serving of whatever drink the performers were passing around that night. 

With a heaving sigh, Ellie leaned back and nearly toppled off of her seat, the girl already having forgotten her chosen chair had no backing. The mistake caused the girl to start giggling at herself. She let the cup in her hand fall to the side, it’s contents long gone. She placed her palms on the log just behind her and leaned back once more, this time supported by her own arms. Her eyes surveyed the courtyard one more time, before moving upwards, her mind idly wondering through thoughts of why they had all gathered there. She hardly cared though, the night had been fun enough and just now, with the liquor still warming her belly and the stars crystal clear in the sky, she was feeling quite content.

While she continued to bask in her own happiness, something caught the girl’s eye. Ellie squinted at the sky, trying to decide if she was simply very drunk, or if the stars were moving. Her eyes widened slowly, and she quickly came to the realization that she was, in fact, very drunk, but that had nothing to do with the bright light streaking across the sky. Mostly because other people could clearly see it, the crowd cheering and gasping, pointing into the night sky.

Ellie’s smile only grew, her cheeks nearly hurting for the effort. She watched the sparkling light shoot across the sky for a moment, before her eyes slipped closed. She focused for a moment, her blurred mind setting all of it’s concentration on just one thought. 

“I wish for my family to be as happy as I am, always.” Ellie whispered to herself, the words barely making a noise as her lips formed around the sounds. Her eyes slid open once more, the silly grin returning to her features. She turned then, from watching the sky to watching the other people. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, and Ellie felt her heart growing light at the sights. If she had any doubts left about joining the circus, they were gone now in her cheery, drunken stupor.