Silence | This Cruel Fate | Drabble

Drabble that takes place after This Cruel Fate

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“Your Majesty,” Jungkook tried to sound emotionless, but his voice came out nervously anyway, “you really should go meet her.”

Yoongi sighed and shook his head, “No, brat, I’ve already said I don’t want to. What more do I have to do for you to get the idea?”

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The Little Things | Jihoon Angst Drabble

To start off my school year right, I’m procrastinating! This is just a drabble so its not very long

Word Count: 449

Genre: Angst

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It wasn’t anything dramatic, it was just unfair. It happened so painfully naturally, that if it hadn’t been for the pricks of pain itself, you wouldn’t have noticed it. But you did, you noticed how there had been a shift in your relationship. You noticed how the vibrancy in his actions had faded, but still you held on. 

Maybe it was because you still had hope for healing whatever had gone wrong. Maybe it was because you were still in love with him, or rather, the boy who you had initially met. You thought, If I’m strong enough, I can salvage this. But you couldn’t. You couldn’t change how Jihoon felt.


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$8.67 | Soonyoung Drabble

Request: “I’ve gotta run, so maybe next time?”

idk what this is I tried. @heliumdooly sorry if you don’t like it

Word Count: 1,214

Genre: Fluff

Originally posted by seungcheofine

“I’ve gotta run, so maybe next time?” The customer said, throwing his empty bowl of ramen in the trash.

“W-what?” you spluttered in confusion from behind the counter.

The customer smiled at you as he headed towards the door, “I really have to go, can’t I just pay for this later?”

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