Worth It | Seokjin | Oneshot

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Word Count: 1,643

Listen to: Breathe by LEE HI

Summary: Somewhere along the way, Seokjin began to believe he needed to carry his burdens on his own, and you couldn’t help but wanting to help him.

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After being in a relationship with someone for a long amount of time, it becomes easy to notice the little things about them that reveal so much more. Like how digging a nail into their thumb means they’re anxious, or how they’re holding back how happy they truly are by tugging on their bottom lip with their teeth.

And of course, you could tell when there was something wrong with Seokjin.

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Silence | This Cruel Fate | Drabble

Drabble that takes place after This Cruel Fate

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“Your Majesty,” Jungkook tried to sound emotionless, but his voice came out nervously anyway, “you really should go meet her.”

Yoongi sighed and shook his head, “No, brat, I’ve already said I don’t want to. What more do I have to do for you to get the idea?”

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I Will Catch You - Joshua Angst

This is a one shot I wrote a long time ago! I won’t be able to post for a while so please enjoy this.

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You wanted to be happy for him, and you had tried your hardest. 

Jisoo always told you, “Please hold on.” When you were at your weakest. The thought was sweet, but he never understood how hard it is to hold on sometimes. With the pressures of grades, your parents, and being at a new school, you couldn’t be as strong as he was. Jisoo didn’t realize how lucky he was. He had so many friends and people that adored him. That too, why was he with you, when he could have dated any of his fans or even fellow idols? That thought crossed your mind often, but he always kissed your forehead and reminded you that you were “the only one.“

Even though Seoul was huge, you often felt completely alone in it. You missed your friends from home, your parents, even the way the town smelled horrible after the corn had been sprayed. Ever since your grades started to drop, you started to get panic attacks again. You were still waiting to get a job. The only time you felt stable was when you were with Jisoo. You didn’t tell anyone this though, you would just smile instead and make sure you were the “independent woman” you wanted to be. But really you were broken, maybe that’s why Jisoo stayed with you. Maybe he just wanted to fix you, and you were just a project to him. But he was the only stable thing in your life, he was everything to you, and what if you were nothing to him? You dropped your head as these thoughts invaded your mind. You didn’t want to think these thoughts yet you did all the time. “Please hold on,” You thought, pretending it was Jisoo saying it to you. It usually motivated you to keep going and live each day, but now when you sat in your apartment alone again you couldn’t help letting go and falling.

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Unconventional Prom-Minghao Fluff

Ok so I wrote this fic a long time ago for my friend and I know prom is way over but I wanted to post this. 

Genre: Prom!au, fluff, romance, one-shot

Word Count: 1,193 

You were disappointed, you had built this up so much because you just wanted one special night with your boyfriend. Of course that was too much to ask.

It’s not that you were that excited for prom, you were excited to go to prom with him. Honestly, you didn’t like the idea of sitting awkwardly on the edges of the room with Minghao while your friends grinded on each other. But you did like the idea of a nice, proper date with Minghao. He was always busy with his idol life and you were always busy with school and your job. Usually when you guys had dates, it was just watching TV together and eating junk food. And it wasn’t like you didn’t love that, you did. But the problem was you never went out with him. The only exception was your first date, and that was before he even debuted. You loved Minghao so of course you didn’t say anything, but it would have been nice to actually spend time with him other than eating potato chips and watching another episode of Sherlock.

So when Minghao held up a sign that said “B-my girl when I b-boy at prom?” you almost hurled at the cheesiness, but you smiled and accepted his offer. You were excited, and who could blame you? You bought a light pink dress, and he bought a matching tie. It was all so completely cliché, but you still arranged a group of friends to go with and have pictures with. After all, highschoolers have proms and enjoy them right? You just wanted to spend time with him anyway.

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Like a Musical | Hoseok | Shiksa Goddess

Word Count: 706

Genre: Angst, Fluff , Au based on The Last Five Years

Summary: Shiksa Goddess from The Last Five Years

CH 1 CH 2

AN: basically I’m going to write a series based off of the last five years. The chapters (more like drabbles lbr) tend to alternate between Y/N’s and Hoseok’s perspective. Y/N’s chapters start at the end of the relationship and go backwards while Hoseok’s start from the beginning and reach the end. This is extremely similar to the musical so I have no claim to this. I just couldn’t get the idea out of my head.

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It was supposed to be a short first date.

But as you kicked the door shut and Hoseok pressed hurried and clumsy kisses against your lips he knew that things weren’t going as planned. It hadn’t gone to plan at all actually; he was supposed to meet you at a cute cupcake place, but somehow the date got rain-checked until you settled for going to a bar.

Hoseok smirked and pulled away from you breathlessly, “I barely got to speak with you tonight.”

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Tender Care - Seungcheol Fluff

Here’s a really short fic because I’m going on vacation again and I don’t know if I will be able to post anything new in a while.

Genre: School au, Fluff, romance

Word Count: 825 I’m wincing this is so short

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He was obviously really worried, he asked you a question almost every 5 seconds. You didn’t even get enough time to answer them before there was a new question.

Your alarm mocked your head ache as you tried to drag yourself out of bed for yet another endless day of school. I can do this, you told yourself, just one more day and it will be the weekend, then I can see Seungcheol again

Your grades weren’t as good as your parents had wanted them last semester, and until you got your GPA up you had been under house arrest. What annoyed you is that you literally lived at Pledis High, yet you couldn’t bring yourself to break your parents’ rules. If you did, you would have probably ended up telling on yourself. You knew that you had all A’s, there’s no way you couldn’t. You had spent every second studying and you got 100% on everything. Your professors just had to put the grades in.

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The Little Things | Jihoon Angst Drabble

To start off my school year right, I’m procrastinating! This is just a drabble so its not very long

Word Count: 449

Genre: Angst

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It wasn’t anything dramatic, it was just unfair. It happened so painfully naturally, that if it hadn’t been for the pricks of pain itself, you wouldn’t have noticed it. But you did, you noticed how there had been a shift in your relationship. You noticed how the vibrancy in his actions had faded, but still you held on. 

Maybe it was because you still had hope for healing whatever had gone wrong. Maybe it was because you were still in love with him, or rather, the boy who you had initially met. You thought, If I’m strong enough, I can salvage this. But you couldn’t. You couldn’t change how Jihoon felt.


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$8.67 | Soonyoung Drabble

Request: “I’ve gotta run, so maybe next time?”

idk what this is I tried. @heliumdooly sorry if you don’t like it

Word Count: 1,214

Genre: Fluff

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“I’ve gotta run, so maybe next time?” The customer said, throwing his empty bowl of ramen in the trash.

“W-what?” you spluttered in confusion from behind the counter.

The customer smiled at you as he headed towards the door, “I really have to go, can’t I just pay for this later?”

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