Here it is: my drawing of “Wonderboy” by Tenacious D. 

I am so so proud of this, not only because it took the grand total of 12 hours to complete 12 hours

*cough* no, not only because of that, but because I actually enjoy looking at it for once. It’s not something that I will look at and do an internal shiver in horror. I will always be proud of this, because of the sheer effort I know I put into it. I don’t always dedicate myself to something as much as I have to this, so as much as I want to burn it for taking me so long that I am now sick of it, I will always look back on it and think “I honestly did my best" 


Here it is :D The very long awaited illustration of the song “Icarus” by Bastille! Sorry for the bad picture, but it’s one of my favorite song illustrations I’ve done >w<

So this is for the first prize of my 100 followers thank you competition which happened AGES ago, (so sorry about that but I hope it’s worth the wait) and it goes to the wonderful badwolflupin! 


I FINALLY sorted out the problem I was having with windows movie maker, so here is the speed draw of the illustration for Icarus by Bastille! 

(made for Badwolflupin) The video doesn’t look as bad as the thumbnail looks, I promise!