30 day drawing challenge day 24: a couple

So (as usual) my laptop is being a lil poo so I just did a really quick sort of pon and zi type sketch of “the cookie scene” from Ouran Highschool Host Club :P I would have done the cookie being bitten off from Hikaru because I like that paring better, but the way Kaoru licked Haruhi’s cheek was just adorable *.* ok, amma stop rambling now but seriously, watch this anime it’s the best :D 

The 30day drawing challenge DAY 1- YOURSELF 

I guess I’m kinda blessed with the knowledge that, I know myself and I know I’m not ugly but I also know my flaws and I’ve tried to put in each of these things, from my crooked nose to my beauty spots :) 

30 day drawing challenge day 10: Favorite Candy 

So I think you’ll be wondering why I haven’t done one of these ‘properly’ in a while and it’s because if I draw a lot in a short space of time, I get really unenthusiastic xD Oh well, these little doodles are helping me to gain a lot of confidence so yeah :3 

Oh, you were wondering about the Hershey’s thing? Everyone hates it? Well more for me then kehehe >:D