There’s this boy who sits next to me in my science class and he LITERALLY has Luke’s face from the eyes to the nose to the lips (he just doesn’t have a lip ring), HE EVEN SOUNDS LIKE LUKE JUST WITH AN AMERICAN ACCENT AJAJA and he’s super tall and he even fucking has Luke’s body build like he’s so broad AND he has 2013 Ashton’s hair and this boy is so beautiful I’m in love 😍😍😍


You and Luke were cuddled up on the couch, which was pretty normal for the two of you. “You’re cute.” Luke mumbled into your shoulder.“ “Not really.” You muttered back. “Shush, you’re adorable.” He countered. “Nope and I don’t really know why you like me.” I said starting to get up.“ He immediately started questioning what was wrong and why you were acting so weird, which caused you to breakdown and tell him you didn’t feel like you were good enough for him and that he shouldn’t give you all those compliments you didn’t deserve. His brows would furrow in confusion, because he couldn’t believe you felt that way. "Hey, you are beautiful, intelligent, funny, most amazing person I know, so come back over here and let me love you and your cute little face.” You were smiling super big and blushing super red as you lied back down with him and “let him love you.” Which really meant cuddling, watching Netflix, and him peppering your face with kisses.