Hey friends! In celebration of the holidays, we over here at LRGS are hosting *drumroll* AN ART CONTEST!

How does it work? 
All you have to do is draw a piece for Genderstuck. There will be 5 categories- Kids, Trolls (Karkit and co.), Ancestors, Dancestors, and Other (Sprites, Midnight Crew, Felt, whathaveyous)

How do I enter?
Once you finish your piece, submit it to us here! All posts will be tagged as “LRGSartcontest”

Is there a deadline?
Please submit your entries by December 31st

Will the entries be judged only by team members?
No! Once the deadline passes, voting will open for the general public. Whoever gets the most likes in each category wins.

What do the winners get?
Ok, this is the cool part. All 5 winners, one from each category, will get a cameo in Act 5 Act 2 as a Salamander of their choosing. And bragging rights.

Can I enter in more than one category?
Absolutely! But keep in mind that you cannot win in more than one category. If you happen to get the most votes in 2 or more categories, you’ll get the win for the category with the most votes, and the other category will go to the person with the second-most votes.

If you have any questions, shoot us a message. We look forward to seeing what you come up with!


Turns out when you text your coach because you kinda thought training started today but it really starts next week, you get a little extra training… 

littlerunnergurl​ is going to kick my ass in to marathon shape again, and I’m actually really excited. 😆Let’s do this!!

[I’m sure I’ll be cursing her out next week. 😜]

I need your help getting to the start line too, tumblr! Team Lifeline is a great cause and I’m proud to be fundraising for them! Check out my page and donate!!! I’ll have more fun ways to contribute soon if you prefer that. 😄