Winner: #2 Jealous Adrien!

Hahaha I got alot of messages saying #2 and there were other highly requested numbers but #2 was the winner! Thank you for all who participated and I hope you enjoy! I used the boy who everyone is saying is rumored to having to like Marinette ( I think his name is “Nathanael’? Not very sure his role in the future of Ladybug)! Anyway! Be on the look out for future votes I might want followers to do of the next comic or drawing of Ladybug x Chat Noir/ Adrien x Marinette!


It was certainly a damn fine day to check the mail!! WOW!!!!

Picture #2: My first bite of an @littlerunnergurl linzer was, “Holy S&@t!! This is the best cookie in the world!!!! How in the hell have I missed this all my life!!!?!?!?”
Picture #3: “Uh oh…these cookies are addictive and amazing and they are the best things ever and dammit why do I have to love my husband? If he was a jerk, I could justify not sharing with him. Dammit, why does he have to be home today? Dammit, he also loves the cookies, so giving him one isn’t enough. But they’re so good that I’m too happy to want to punch him!”

@coachgirl311, you are amazing, and you and @littlerunnergurl deserve ALL THE GOOD THINGS!!!!!! 😍😍😍LRG, you are the queen baker extraordinaire!!!!