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My Hoperai Opinion

So, out of all people, ONLY Hope who could actually hear Lightning’s call for help because deep in her heart she actually spoke of what she really wanted, and that is “Being Loved”. All this time she thought nobody loved her, including Serah, and that made her always felt sad and lonely. But after that scene, it proved that she’s wrong. Hope answered her call for help and saved her after refusing Lightning’s offer to be reborn with his parents in the new world. Remember that time when he said “Don’t worry, even if the world hates you, I’ll always be by your side, Light” and during the ‘Meeting You’ scene when he said “Because of you, because I always believed you were with me, I was never afraid of the future…..I’m so glad to have met you” I think that pretty much confirms Hope’s love for Lightning. It’s like she’s the number one person in his heart (More evidence of Hope’s love for Light in Rose-Haired Phantom episode). And after he rescued her, there’s a glimpse of Serah confessing her sincere love to her sister. That’s why after Lightning Returns and Reminiscence: Tracer of Memories, I’m not afraid to say that Hoperai ended up being “Heavily Implied Canon” Even though without the famous “I Love You” from their very own mouth, there are so many hints that we can find about these two, either through words or visuals, and even the symbolism (Oh, and also the epilogue soundtrack *wink**wink*)……

Can I also add that Lightning Returns made Hope ‘The Saviour’s Saviour’ teehee