-I’m having a wonderful time in Arkansas for the The Little Rock Film Festival. We’re so proud Bridegroom was able to be a part of the festival and the screening last night went very well!
-Little Rock is such a warm, friendly town. It’s true what they say about southern hospitality! In addition to the festival I had the pleasure of touring President Clinton’s Library. What an incredible facility.

-Many of you have been asking when you will be able to see Bridegroom. Please know we’re working on it. I anticipate we will have an answer for you within a couple of weeks. Thank you for your patience! #bridegroommovie #lrff2013 #littlerockarkansas #equalloveequalrights (at William J. Clinton Presidential Center and Park)

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Photo dump from Opening night at the LRFF! 

I’m shooting so much this week, I’m almost overwhelmed, but I’m just trying to keep all my times straight. The next five days I’m shooting the Little Rock Film Festival! The Film Fest is a blast, I’m so glad I get to help out this year!

SATURDAY, I’m shooting a family portrait session in the morning, Festival in the afternoon, a fund raising event for Women and Children First that evening, and then back to the festival for the rooftop party. SUNDAY, I’ve got an engagement shoot that morning, then I’m shooting the rest of the film festival. 

Oh yeah, AND I’m still working full time at a halfway house. 
I’m grateful for all this work, really. I can’t believe this is what I get to do sometimes. I have the best jobs! 

I guess one more weekend of not climbing outside won’t kill me? (It might, I’m getting a little anxious over here.)