lrbrz  asked:

I love you and your girlfriend's blogs; they're just so lovely!!! And I was wondering since you guys model, how tall are you? Sorry for being so random >.<

aww, thank you so much! ; A; <3 I’m glad to hear you like them! ; u ; and pffsh, you’re not random at all, I appreciate getting questions! ^u^ as for the modeling bit, neither of us are actually professional models, it’s mostly because I’m very fortunate to have a mother who works with fashion design, and that’s honestly why I do modeling at all, haha! it’s not paid work, it’s just to fill up my portofolio in case I should ever be fortunate enough to get a paid job orz my girlfriend is 158 cm, approx 5’2”? and I’m 171 cm, approx 5’7”! ; 7 ;/