Lovely Rhythm - Chapter Seventeen

Chapter 17

“My mom is going grocery shopping, among other things today while we’re at work” Kelly said to Cory as they finished up breakfast Jeanne prepared for them.

Cory nodded, “That’s good, I guess. I was planning on going tonight before we go home” he told. Kelly chuckled, “Cory, my mother is going grocery shopping”

“You make it sound like it’s a bad thing, is it a bad thing?” Cory laughed, “Oh buddy, it is. She’s my mother, I would know” Kelly said as they placed their plates in the sink and left for work.


“I’m with your girlfriend, today” Kelly sighed, she didn’t want to deal with any drama. She was hoping it would be an easy day but it wasn’t. “I’m with your boyfriend, today” He scoffed, Graham was the last person he wanted to have to deal with.

“Jason said we have a meeting today, after lunch” Cory informed as they went their separate ways. They wished each other good luck.


Kelly went in the recording studio and no one was there, she was early that day. It will be easier for her to set everything up without feeling the tension from both Jill and Kate.
All Kelly could imagine was the both girls was going to make her life hell throughout their session.

“Kelly?” Kate asked as she saw the little blonde under the table, “What are you doing under there?” She asks. “Fixing the cables” she answered as she crawled back out the table and stood up. As she saw Kate she felt breakfast coming up her stomach for the second time, she rushed to the bathroom.

Cory saw Kelly run and he knew right away to follow, morning sickness once again, but he didn’t know Kate was behind them. Cory didn’t even notice that he went to the women’s bathroom, “Hey, you okay?” He asked as he saw Kelly throwing up, “I so want to punch you” as she threw up again, Cory gently rubbed her back, “Six more months, Kelly” he said.

“Everything okay?” Kate finally asked as she peeked in the bathroom stall. Kelly nodded, “Morning sickness” she groaned as Cory helped her up, “Do you need anything?” He asked Kelly as he wiped the corners of her mouth which made Kate look away, “Food, this baby is eating it or I’m throwing it up”

Cory kissed the side of her forehead and Kelly’s stomach, “Be nice to your, Mom” he whispered, “I get in trouble when you make her mad, not you. Keep eating the food and don’t make her throw up, okay?” he reminded as he left Kelly and Kate alone.

Kelly and Kate made their way back to the studio,“Are you sure you should be working if you’re throwing up so much?” She asked. Kelly shrugged, “My mom said it’s normal to have morning sickness that means the baby is healthy so we’re thankful for that” she smiled.

Jill was already waiting for them in the recording studio, “I hear you’re pregnant” she said sternly as she crossed her arm, “Jill” Kate said to stop her best friend from saying anything else.

Kelly chuckled, “Kate, it’s okay. I know what exactly she’s going to say.. that I’m a bitch, whore or whatever you want to call me. But I’m here to work on your album and make sure you’re satisfied with all the hard work we go through. Please, I know Kate’s mad at me and I know you are too but for the love of God, drama is the last thing I want”

Jill bit her tongue and felt bad because she was putting herself in the situation of others, “Let’s get to work then” Kelly said.


“Cory, how’s Kelly?” Graham asked quietly, hopefully it will be enough for Cory to hear. “Why don’t you ask her yourself?” Cory asked as he began to set up everything for the recording session. “She hates me” He replied.

“Listen, I don’t want to have to talk to you about Kelly and I’m sure you that she told you about that. Be professional, Graham. I know as much as you want to punch me in the face for impregnating your best friend, you won’t because you love Kelly” Cory reminded him.

Cory was right Graham wanted to punch Cory because he got to Kelly first before he did and everything was first with Cory. First time making love and first time being pregnant with him. Graham wanted to punch him because he was envious of him.

Graham tightened his jaw, “I’m sorry”


Jason called both Kelly and Cory to his office, “There are rumors that Kelly is pregnant and you are the father, Cory” Kelly nodded, “It’s true, I’m pregnant and Cory is the father” she confessed.

“Is this going to be troubling your work? That is all in concerned about professionally, of course” Jason told. Both of them negated, “Good. Then as your friend, I congratulate you both” he smiled.