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Wopwop FF13

I remember someone telling me it would be horrifying if your pets could talk because they see all the dumb shit you do?

Good thing Chocolina dosen´t have like, a thing for talking or anything lol.

Couldn’t think of what was so embarrassing so you know. Go wild.


I decided to scan some of my favourite sheets from the Shanila LR comics. I honestly reccomend to buy it to everyone, who loves LoliRock, ‘cause it worse it 💕
It is much, much better in real life!


FINALLY! I waited a month, then ordered it in the day when it appeared on Amazon (16 September). And now it’s in my hands! It needed 3 weeks to get to Kiev, Ukraine.
LoliRock comics are REALLY perfect. This bright and colourful pages, I just can’t stand!
And yeah..THE KISS IS HERE, JUST LIKE LOLIROCK TEAM TOLD IN PREVIOUS POSTS. About Shanila, what a coincidence Xp
So, thank you LoliRock for such a great comic, books, different merch, fandom, and of course two perfect cartoon seasons!)💕