forest ambassador 2014 games of the year

the forest ambassador games of the year were collaboratively determined by a group of friends of the forest. all games that were posted this year were eligible regardless of their original release date. congratulations to all the winners!

Friendliest Fingers - Keyboard Party
Creepy Shapes Award - The Rapture is Here and You Will Be Forcibly Removed From Your Home
Best Choices & Consequences - Find Me a Good One
Best Game to Play Before Bed - Solaris
Most Satisfying Tentacle Physics - The Majesty of Colors
Most Slapsick - App Escape
Davish “Pops” Krail Memorial Award - Accelerator
Least Convoluted Web of Lies - Argument Champion
The Inverse Joffe Award for Least Accurate Zoological Information - Fruit Mystery
Sexiest Vision of a Cyberpunk Future - Reset
Best Romance With a Cat - Dating Sim
Most Melodic - Kyoto
Most Sparely Evocative Illustrations - Zombie Ninja Confessional
Most Pups - W▲TCH DOGS

Most Realism - Martian Middle School Dance
Parallel Universe 2013 Nuovo Award - Save the Date
Saddest Sunset - To What End
Damned If I Know Award - how do you Do it?
Most Creative Use of Three-Dimensional Space - Projective
Best Ferry - To The Other Side of the World
Best Performance by a Duck in a Leading Role - One Duck
Most Demanding Tree - A Moose’s Love
Most Neurotic - Pale Machine
Best Use of Weaponized Genitals - Lo-Fi Dick Fight
Best Game About Sex - Negotiation
Most Chaotic - DNCE PRTY

Ruggedest Announcer - Hotline Trail
Most Soothing - Doki Doki
Best Game In Which Everyone Wins When You Stop Playing - Transgression
Raddest Pong - Corruptong
Most Unnerving Power Imbalance - Weird Egg & Crushing Finger
Prettiest Memory Palace - Death Paradise
Best In-Game Haiku - reProgram
Best Pollack-Inspired Platformer - Action Painting Pro
Most Adorable Player Character - Cactus Block 2013
Creepiest Corridor - Colour is the Keyboard
Best Use of Ass Eating as Mechanic - Queer Power
Best Flashlight - Night in the Woods

Most Melodic Shades of Green - Cosmogonie
Only Extant Game About Future Bear Sex - Jamco Matefest 3013
Most Foucauldian - Nothing to Hide
Most Egregious Title Pun - Get ‘em Hard
Filthiest - Brooklyn Trash King
Most Addictive Pulsation - Heart the Beat
Best Game with Armor and No Dragons or Kings - Your Lover Has Turned Into a Flock of Birds
Best Physics-Based Puzzle Featuring Annelids - Wrrrmz
Most Clutter - Dehoarder
Most Satisfying Fail State - Tony Eagle Amateur Skateboarding

Best Stories Within a Story - Sister’s Little Helper
Least Demanding - Colorscope
Best Mechanical Storytelling - Beloved
Sickest Beats - Lounge Lord
Stubbornest Cats - Cats
Best Adaptation of a Game Popularized on LCD Mobile Phones - Candy Worm
Most Ecstatic Vision of a Queer Utopia - Slave of God
Chillest Game - Snaquia
Too Real Award - The Hunt for the Gay Planet
Most Action-Packed - Party Time
Most Likely To Incite Spontaneous Acts of Kindness - HUGPUNX
The Yoshi Prize - UMAI!

Best Nontextual Depiction of a Complex Economic System - To Build a Better Mousetrap
Best Adaptation of a Major Novel About a Trans Woman - Nevada
Special Achievement in Background Rock-Formation Design - Be Reasonable, Diane
Cutest Fairies - Small Armor
Best Use of Keyboard Controls - No, Birdie, No!
Best Parody of Police as Insitution - Crime Zone
Best Use of Strategy Guide as Raw Material - Unpredictable Storyline Twists 2
Loveliest Game Made By a Couple - Dance Party
The Foddy Prize for Brain Rewiring - Fignermukre
Best Two-Player Duel - Cat Gentlemans Play: Insult Spinner 10 Cents
Most Unexpected Use of Puzzlescript - Vine
Most Compelling Exploration Game - Marble Safari
Best Dialogue - Bite Me

Most Resonant - Gonubie Hotel
Most Frenetic - … (Trembling Dots)
Coldest Alternate Ending - Super Leg Shaver II Turbo
Most Hopeful - For Political Lovers, a Little Utopia Sketch
Most Claustrophobic - Reverberant
Most Potent Combination of Curious Bliss and Ambivalence at the Prospect of Its End - Scaling the Sky
Starseed Pilgrim Prize - Temple of the Faceless Minotaur Who Sees the Burning Light
Best Resolution - 3x3x3
Most Likely to Elicit Squeals of Horror/Delight - Horse Master
Most Ambitious - Crypt Community

DK Prize for Jungle Beats - Rain
Best Genre Fusion - Lexicopolis: A-B-City
Best Distillation of a Genre - Ernesto
Most Relaxing Deadly Space Flight - 7 Light Years
Most Calming - Morning Coffee
Slickest Visual Design - Delve
Voight-Kampff Prize for Best Android Interrogation Scene - Electric Tortoise
The Doublecakes Prize - Space Wrestler
Spookiest Castle - Pontefract
Tool-Assisted Speedrun Award - Surf Camp
Dreamiest - The Wait
Bogost Prize for Existential Starkness - Get X, Avoid Y
Best Romance With a Bird - Legacy Bird
Best Collision Physics - Last Chance Supermarket
Merriest Game, Verily - The Faeries’ Curse
Cutest Robots - Probe Team
Detritus Prize for Best Game About Leaving - Notes on Departure

Least Videogame-y Art Direction - Humanoid 47
Best Rhythm/Evasion Game - Battle Cube
Best Use of Mouselook - The Dark Third
Broderick Prize for Most Curious Game Where the Only Way to Win is Not to Play - Shower Sim
Most Unhappy That Simulator Simulator Won Most Recursive - BRICK[bricksmash]SMASH
Best Use of Visual Effects in a Text-Based Game - Capsule
The Andrew WK Prize - Party Business
Most Melty - Journalière
Longest Tongue - Realistic Kissing Simulator
Most Dashing Mohawk - Coming Out Simulator 2014
Best Performance From a Dog - Corgi Simulator 2071
Most Recursive - Simulator Simulator
Most Juxtapositional Title - How to Be Happy
Lovely Voice Award - Secrets Agent
Best Musical - Jazu
Best You Feel Smart For Getting The Borges References - Intimate, Infinite

Best Dancing that Kills Video Games - Quing’s Quest: VII: The Death of Videogames
Most Atmospheric - No Wave
Best Molleindustria Game Not Made By Molleindustria - Zerstört Zerstört
Most Advanced Human-Computer Interface - Manifest
Best Fairy Tale - Line Crossing
Most Economical Mod - Circle Breakout
The Why Didn’t I Think of That Prize - Faif
Cutest Murder - Chef
Best Use of Hygiene Products as Projectiles - Tampon Run
Most Compact - Tiny Crawl
Most Serious Red - Space is Red
BF Skinner Award for Excellence in Behaviorist Minimalism - Unislot
Best Virtual Arctic Playground - Scribbly Walrus
Most Prescient - Tuboflex
Best Color Scheme - Cyroad
TJ Thomas Award for Elegance in Mechanics - Side to Side
Procedural Music Award - Equestria
Most Lively Bones - The Fastest Skeleton

Best Numeral Exegesis - Venus Meets Venus
Best Performance by a Cephalopod in an Office Drama - Fax These to Smith
Most Original Concept - Wunderheilung
Best Michael Brough Game Not Made by Michael Brough - Substratum
Best Sci-Fi Horror Story - Stowaway
Surprise Hit - The Worm
Most Unsettling - The Sun Does Not Exist
Wickedest Kitten - Hummingbird
Best Digital Analogue to a Physical Puzzle You’d Find in a Dentist’s Waiting Room - Wrlddivision
Most Spare and Terrifying Prose - LQN-21
Most Groanworthy - The Wonderful World of Dad Jokes
Sherlock Prize for Lonesome Wandering - Colt-55
Egg - Egg Boss
Golden Sneakers Prize For a Platformer That Actually Tells a Story Well Through Play - Five Stages
Dreamiest Love Story - Eden
Best Use of a Sexpocalypse - God(s)

Pleasant Anxiety Award - A.void
Most Annoying Roommates - Artpartment
Crunchiest - Frail Shells
Capitalest - A(s)century
Most Mysterious - The Ybuwyn
Most Desolate - Gray Desert
Award Award - Entire Screen of One Game
Fullest English Breakfast - Full English Breakfast
Most Appreciated Pain - Hurt Me Plenty
Hungriest Ducks - Feed Some Ducks
Most Stark Depiction of an Economic Reality - Capitalism
Spookiest Circumference or Trippiest Road - GhostRing
Trickiest Simulation - 33rd Street
Most Difficult - The Ocean
Pointiest - The Handsomest Echidna
Most Satisfying Audio - Frying Bacon