i spent like some semblance of time on lqs factory here but it was covered up by the noise but oh well here’s what we’re looking at

lq looks a little off cos i moved his lineart over and changed the colors ahahaha… oops

its lq!!! he’s standing for the once-ler height chart!! amazing.

i originally was working on this at like 4000px until i realized it probably didnt need to be life-sized lmao….. also he’s transparent so you can insert lq into all your favorite…. things…. 

he is!!! 6′3″!!!! i think

ok real talk in case u didnt know : im updating lq rightnow with lysander quesinberry, who is kind of a de-oncelerized LQ who was then shoved into my sunday night d&d campaign…. because i am a gay and he is my son and i missed him so i needed an npc and was like OH lets just use. my son. duh 

hes the lq thats the most alive and active atm so since today was lq’s blog’s 4th year anniversary i was like! ok lets do SOMETHING with the boy, and it turns out its D&D time, surprise. 

yoyo-illuser  asked:

Lq enjoyed having his face smashed together so much he continued to do so even after he woke up! Oh man, that was all just supremely awesome, what a ride! I was curious, would you be willing to post the not static versions of that scenario? I'd really love to see them^^

YA SURE!!!! heres a bunch of low static versions:

this shot was supposed to be more different but now that i look at it i honestly just… redrew the same pannel…. wow u go mori 

my mission for those two pannels was to make hq look like someone lq could even vaguely consider making out with. 

and of course 

this looks kinda like garbage tbh im not good at drawing kisses!!!! i will obvs have to practice that.