May 4, 2012; Jet Banquet

On May 4 2012, LQ KIWIN’S attended one of the biggest events of the year, Jet Banquet. Schools from the entire divison gathered at KiwanisLand to have fun, watch the Mr. Manatee contestants, and say goodbye to our LTG Katy Pham, and our KIWIN’s presidents. There was singing, dancing, cheering, speeches, and everything a good banquet needs! Even though it was sad to realize that the year is coming to an end, we are pumped up and determined not only to meet the expectations we have now but to exceed it and make next year even better.

Finding Ohana

By Vicki Nguyen | Jet Division, La Quinta High School Corresponding Secretary| October 27, 2013 -

It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us family.

Grüßgott! Hola! Tchao! Привет! 你好! 안녕하세요! Whatever ethnicity, race, or gender you are… Hello! This is Vicki Nguyen, the corresponding secretary, from La Quinta KIWIN’s and to start off, how is everyone doing? Well if you ask me, I’m doing mighty fine! When the sudden topic of the Keeping Up With KIWIN’s came up, I immediately wanted to write something that meant so much to me in my heart and I think this applies to many other people as well. A lot of people ask me, “Why KIWIN’s?” or “What makes KIWIN’s the best club on campus for anyone to join?” And to be honest, it took me quite a while pondering over the endless possibilities of answering those questions. Why exactly did I join KIWIN’s and not any other club at La Quinta? I’m pretty sure every single person in KIWIN’s has come across this question from time to time. 

To me, KIWIN’s is indescribable. It’s a mixture of happiness, fatigue, irritation (from early morning events), excitement, and a lot of weirdness all amalgamated together into this club. In my life, I’ve never witnessed the most awkward moments nor have I ever had every single weekend booked for projects to attend nor have I ever met the most peculiar people ever until I joined KIWIN’s. Now many may say, “Vicki, why in the world would you stay with KIWIN’s if you feel this way?” and I completely agree with those who feel that way, but all the inept moments that I have witnessed led to the most amazing memories in my life. All the endless projects we have every single week made me realize how much I love serving my community and others. And all the uncanny people I’ve ever met turned out to be some of the greatest people that have ever impacted my life. All of these things accumulated together is what makes me able to make me, me! And as cliché and stereotypical as that sounds, I’ve never come across a group that always had their arms open for me to join whenever I wanted to even if I wasn’t a member. 

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For everybody who attended Jet Banquet last Friday, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Make sure to check out the pictures we took on our facebook page!


We hope everyone is enjoying Thanksgiving Break so far! Just a reminder that we will be collecting Fall Rally money throughout next week. The fee will be $10 for just Fall Rally and $29 for the Knott’s ticket. WE WILL BE COLLECTING ONLY $10 PRIOR TO FALL RALLY. If you’re interested in attending Knott’s, let us know and bring $29 with you on the day. Please give your money to any board member or Mrs. Lapera (Room 205) Also, you DO NOT have to be a KIWIN’S member to attend so feel free to invite your friends! Just understand that people who aren’t in KIWIN’S won’t be provided a ride.

For everyone who came to enjoy our “ELIMINATE” cupcakes and learn more about Project ELIMINATE, we hope you had fun!! Tomorrow is “Bring a friend to KIWIN’S Day” so don’t forget to bring a friend to our meeting in the 200 Lyceum! There will be free stickers, raffle tickets, club photo slips, and the announcement of our member of the month. Be there and bring your spirit! This is a meeting you won’t want to miss! 

Hey guys! We hope you all had a fun and spirited day of showing your K in every way for the first day of KIWIN’S week! 

For everyone who participated in the scavenger hunt, we hope you enjoyed finding all those Ks. (: If you’ve completed your form and still have it, please turn it in to one of the board members asap or at our meeting on Thursday! 

Don’t forget tomorrow is “Kudos to the Key Players!” Remember to give our wonderful advisors Mrs. Lapera and Paul Duplessis a thank-you for all they’ve done for us!

After everything is done, it turns out that KIWIN’S needs a little more lovin’! So Aztecs, join us during KIWIN’S week to show your spirit and appreciation for the club! Tomorrow is Monday which means it’s time to show your K in every way! We want to play a game.. A scavenger hunt! Tomorrow, there will be KIWIN’S symbols hidden all around campus. Your task is to print this out and find all the Ks using the riddles. The person who finds the most Ks will receive a PRIZE! With each K is an interesting fact about KIWIN’S. Best of luck to everyone!

♬ It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! If you’re feeling festive, join La Quinta KIWIN’S this 22nd as we go around our community spreading holiday cheer through the beauty of music. Don’t worry if you can’t sing cause we can’t either!

♬ We will be accepting donations and raising funds for Project ELIMINATE to end maternal/neonatal tetanus. So come on out to Denny’s to help spread some Christmas cheer AND end a deadly disease for good! 

S U M M A R Y :
♩ Saturday, December 22nd
♩ 4 PM-6 PM; meet-up time will be 3:45 PM at the parking lot of Denny’s, NOT the front office!

S I G N U P :

Hey, KIWINNER’S! We hope you’re enjoying your December and having a fantastic holiday season. However, the victims of Hurricane Sandy are not as fortunate! Let’s give them a hand this year and make our Christmas a great one for all.

I N F O R M A T I O N :
There will be a multitude of organizations collaborating at the concert, which will star a wide variety of Vietnamese stars! Volunteers will get to be a part of an exciting entertainment show that will be televised live. We will be responsible for checki

ng in guests, setting up, cleaning up, and working backstage!!

S U M M A R Y :
◆ Saturday, December 15th
◆ 3 PM-8 PM; Meet up at Denny’s@2:45 PM 
◆ 16157 Brookhurst Street, Fountain Valley, 92708
◆ Suggested that guys wear semi-formal and girls wear áo dài, but if you can’t then wear a club t-shirt or black attire. 

N O T E :
Please contact your corresponding representative if you are interested in going OR sign up on lqkiwins.org. 

Hey, KIWINNER’S! Ever heard of the annual Rose Parade? Want to experience actually decorating a rose float up close? Well, you can! This is just a reminder that we’ll be collecting Rose Float money during this week’s meeting!!! THERE ARE ONLY 20 SPOTS AVAILABLE SO MAKE SURE YOU PAY ASAP IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN GOING. You can check out the event page here.