lq kiwin's

CONGRATULATIONS La Quinta KIWIN’S for dominating at DCON!

1. Kiwanis Cal-Nev-Ha Foundation Scholarship Fund 

2. Distinguished Club (1st Place)

3. Distinguished Club President (1st)

4. Distinguished Club Vice President (1st)

5. Distinguished Club Treasurer (1st)

6. Distinguished Club Secretary (Honorable Mention)

7. Faculty Advisor Hall of Fame (Mrs. LaPera!)

8. Most Improved Club (1st)

9. Club Webpage (1st)

10. Partners in Service Recognition (1st)

11. KIWIN’S Member of the Year (1st Peter V. Nguyen)

12. T-shirt Contest (1st)

13. Impromptu Essay (1st Anthony Tran)

14. Membership and Development (1st)

15. Project One (2nd)

16. Service (2nd)

17. Single School Fundraiser (3rd)

18. Club Video (3rd)

19. Spirit Stick (Go Jet!)