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I dont want magnus to lose his magic :( its who he is, if he does im seriously going to cry

Losing his magic is definitely one of my theories why he’s going to be pissed with Valentine. With Magnus’ spell book he can actually find a way to take/weaken his magic. (Another theory is that since Valentine has his spell book, Valentine will threaten Magnus that if he doesn’t do what he wants, he’s going to use its content against him/them)

But also, I don’t want to form a conclusion based only on that teaser, especially since he could just be trying to draw the pentagram to summon the greater demon. 

Maybe that’s what his magic looks like drawing the pentagram? We never actually got to see it before- since Clary drew the pentagram for Valak even though Magnus summoned it.

Also- we actually have this scene, where it looks like he can use his magic just fine. And that’s the greater demon(?) who did this:

I have a feeling all those scenes are connected to each other. However, if he does lose his magic; Its going to be hard on Magnus, i’m sure, but that doesn’t mean he can never get it back. I’m sure he can, because everyone and their mother in that show know they’re FUCKED without Magnus and his powerful magic. Plus, maybe we’ll get good scenes out of it? Like Alec sharing his strength to Magnus again? Alec fighting Valentine to get Magnus’ magic back(he did say he’ll have a hero moment)? If Magnus loses his magic, they could also show his vulnerability? It could lead to so many things and that’s why i’m so excited for 2B.

South of Nowhere Soundtrack - LISTEN HERE

I’ve posted this before, but what with girltrash setting off a load of old spashley feelings, I figured I’d add some tracks and repost it. Songs from all 3 seasons, mostly the ones featured in spashley scenes.

i don’t want to know (if you don’t want me) - the donnas (season 1 theme song)
wasted - LP (season 2 & 3 theme song)
perfect vision - montag (promo song)
you’re my girl - sharif (Ashley shows Spencer around Los Angeles. 1x01)
the best things - jaded era (Clay and Chelsea text each other. 1x05)
if i could - sara leib (Ashley watches Spencer talk about her first time. 1x05)
something in me - katelyn tarver (Ashley drops Spencer home after their day at the beach. 1x06)
top of the world - kate voegele (the Carlins clean up after the earthquake. 1x09)
ghost you know - lauren hoffman (Spencer and Ashley’s first kiss. 1x11)
reasons to fall - lauren loffman (Spencer wakes up in Ashley’s bed the morning after. 2x01)
hold onto me - ben broussard (Ashley talks to Spencer about Kyla. 2x02)
i could die of wanting you - lauri kranz (Spencer and Ashley talk in Ashley’s room - ‘why does everybody care so much who i’m in love with?’ 'or who i’m in love with.’ 2x07)
rock me to sleep - jill sobule (Aiden helps Spencer and Ashley run away. 2x08)
when you find the one - melissa etheridge (Spencer and Ashley dance in Chelsea’s studio. 2x11)
feel for me - katrina carlson (Spencer and Ashley briefly make up. 3x01/02)
never been hurt - sara melson (Spencer appears at Ashley’s door and drops her coat. 3x08)
dirty mind - sara melson (Ashley writes Spencer this song for her birthday. 3x12)