Graveyard - Goliath 7" (2012)
Nuclear Blast. Stoner rock.
Gothenburg, Sweden

Graveyard - s/t (2012) (Originally released 2007)
Nuclear Blast. Stoner Rock 
Gothenburg, Sweden.
Sidenote: This is a hell of a debut album! My version is a repress pressed on really nice white 180g vinyl, and is limited to only 250 hand-numbered copies (I’ve got number 21). And aren’t the lot in Graveyard nice to thank prior band members? The record comes in a nice cardboard gatefold sleeve with some additional info and a sweet A2 “Satan’s Finest” poster.

Graveyard - Hisingen Blues (2012) (Originally released 2011)
Nuclear Blast. Hard/Classic/Stoner rock. 
Gothenburg, Sweden
Sidenote: Another cardboard gatefold sleeve (I like ‘em). The record is pressed on good looking bi-color vinyl, limited to 500 copies and comes with an additional info sleeve that also can add as a poster. And although I rarely listen to peoples advices in this life, the advice on the back of the sleeve is without doubt a correct (to not say important) one!


We’re All Human


Avskum - Opprør Underifrån (2008)
Avskum - Punkista (2002)
Prank Records. Hardcore
Sweden, Kristinehamn.
Sidenote: Both are pressed on transparent purple vinyl and comes with lyrics sheet. Opprør Underifrån is pressed on a limited 500 copies, while I’m uncertain of the numbers on Punista all though I know that only the second pressing came in purple. 


Black Sabbath - Master Of Reality (1976) (Originally 1971)
NEMS. Heavy metal
UK, Birmingham
Sidenote: Lyrics are printed on the back of the sleeve.

Black Sabbath - We Sold our Soul For Rock ´N´ Roll (1975)
NEMS. Heavy metal
UK, Birmingham
Sidenote: This is a 2xLP compilation which comes in a gatefold sleeve. Also comes with a poster which I have not departed from the sleeve.


Turbonegro - Ass Cobra (2012) (Org. release 1996)
Scandinavian Leather Recordings, Universal Music. Deathpunk
Follo/Oslo, Norway
Sidenote: This re-release came out from Universal Music last summer along with a lot of other re-pressings. It was only released 500 copies of this 180g release (unfortunately they’re not numbered). It comes with a poster of Hank with (unreadable) lyrics printed on its backside. The lyrics are of course printed among pictures displaying gay sex and big dicks.
This is one of my all-time absolute favorite albums! 


Kaizers Orchestra - 250 Prosent (2008)
Kaizerecords, Petrolium Records. Alternative rock
Jæren, Norway
Sidenote: This is recordings from Kaizers Maskineri-tour released exclusively on vinyl.

Kaizers Orchestra - Våre Demoner (2009)
Petrolium Records. Alternative Rock
Jæren, Norway
Sidenote: This record is a collection of previously unreleased recordings. These songs didn’t fit into the albums they were attended to appear on, so they were left in drawers and closets. Kaizers released the collection as a 10 year anniversary and the album was on sale for one week only. The limited vinyl edition was pressed on no more than 700 copies - so mine is, and will continue to be shrink wrapped.


“The Pink Floyd Collection” pt. 5

Obscured By Clouds (1972)
Another album made for i movie from Pink Floyd. This one is for “La Vallée”, both the record and the movie was released in ‘72.

The Dark Side Of The Moon (1973)
This doesn’t need much introduction does it? If not their best record, it is definitely the one that’s easiest likable. Comes in a brilliant gatefold sleeve with the lyrics printed on the inner side.


“The Pink Floyd Collection” pt. 4

Atom Heart Mother (1970)
I love the simplicity of this gatefold sleeve. The front and backside are completely without text, and contains nothing but cows. Comes in a gatefold sleeve with about 30 cows on it all together. 

Meddle (1971)
Mine is the fourth Dutch edition and it comes in a gatefold sleeve. The album art is one of several that the art collective Hipgnosis did.


Mayhem - I Love Transylvania 7" (2012)
Black metal. Norway
Sidenote: This pressing is none-labeled. It’s an unofficial release pressed on blue vinyl with a limited of 150 copies(!)

Turbonegro - Get It On / Don’t Say Motherfucker, Motherfucker 7" (1998)
Sympathy For The Record Industry. Punk, death punk.
Sidenote: This picture disc was released in the US only as the “1st and last in the "War Against The Picture Disc” series.“ The pictures on the disc is of Euroboy and Rune Rebellion holding a "dildo-like giant cucumber.”
According to Happy-Tom himself: “The whole deal with the War Against The Picture Single serie was to release the ugliest, most redundant (no ‘previously unreleased’ marketing schemes here), lamest picture discs ever. And so far we’ve succeeded.”

The Hellacopters - The Devil Stole The Beat From The Lord 7" (1999)
White Jazz Records. Rock, garage rock.