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Anon who set off the Leia/career discussion - I don't have tumblr so can't reply on the post itself. I *never* said that anyone's head canon of Leia as a virgin or as someone 100% focused on her work at the expense of her personal life is nonsensical or limiting. What I *did* say was that the *idea* that Leia had a career therefore she could not *possibly* be interested in or have time for a relationship that I *have* seen bandied about on Tumblr is nonsensical & limiting. I will stand by that.

Hello again, my lurker friend.

Not a great advertisement for Tumblr, is this?

I personally found your post to be very clear. I truly don’t know how you could have made it clearer, and I think your statement is worth standing by. 

I would add that I’ve seen that same idea re:LPOA circulate on other platforms, not just Tumblr. I’ve personally found it to really be quite a shock. I’m still kind of reeling from it, to be honest. 

I think that that view- that it isn’t possible for a girl like Leia to have a romantic relationship while engaging in serious pursuits, not that one particular girl (Leia) happened to or chose to not have such a relationship- deserves to be criticized, and I don’t think criticizing such an idea qualifies as being mean to others.

I really can’t emphasize enough that to me, this really isn’t about whether Leia “is” or “is not” a virgin. I don’t care. Both can be well-done. Both should be well-done. I can see myself writing either or both. 

But in fanfic, Leia not being a virgin is underrepresented. I would simply like to see more variety represented in fic. I would like to see that more welcome in fic (without pushing virgin headcanoners out or anything like that!). That’s all.

Why is our fic so skewed? Each individual author should write what they want to and what resonates for them and what they’re good at, of course. But I think its worth asking ourselves why that collective skew exists and looking at our reasoning behind it critically- as well as being upfront, if only with ourselves, about our own personal reasons for our headcanons! 

I feel like I keep being reading defenses of that skew that are, quite frankly, massively overgeneralized, and as such limiting to the possible tracks girls’ and women’s lives can take (social/family life or professional life? virgin or whore?). These are honestly divorced from the range of lived experiences of real girls and women. And I’m getting tired of it. 

There’s so much more to women than that, and so much more potential for us.