Quedate con esas personas que te dicen “che abrigate si salis porque esta fresco” que te mandan un “avisame cuando llegues” o te preguntan un “llegaste bien?”
Quedate con esas personas que podes hablar hasta la mas minima estupidez sin que parezca una estupidez. Que podes apreciar horas de silencio, que podes apreciar horas de charla, con las cuales podes apreciar las horas.
Quedate con esas personas que sabes que van a estar para lo que necesites, porque es hermoso estar rodeado de gente asi.
No te conformes con un “como estas?” O un “que linda que sos”, eso te lo dice cualquiera.

Cuando le decís a... (AGAIN)

Aries: Sos demasiado agresivo/a.

Tauro: Sos demasiado interesado/a.

Géminis: Dejá la bipolaridad m**** D:

Cáncer: Pará de llorar por nada.

Leo: Te crees que te las sabes todas.

Virgo: ¡Aprendé a divertirte!

Libra: Bajá al planeta Tierra.

Escorpio: Deberías ser más amable.

Sagitario: Dejá la aventura y hacé algo serio.

 — Capricornio: El trabajo no lo es todo en la vida.

  Acuario: Dejate de joder.

Piscis: ¡Prestá atención! 

Thank you whasps!! This scene is set in some euphoric, summer Paris.


In the summer the cottage smelt like the country.

Ciel had never left the city but he knew that’s what it would smell like. All the windows were open, hot air sweeping in and unsettling the dust. The walls creaked, curtains flapped. The sunlight was orange. The priest’s mouth was hot and damp. Sebastian’s hands slid from his shoulders to the dip of his back. Ciel’s linen shirt clung to his sweat-cool skin. Sebastian’s fingers dug into the dimples of his back until he jerked his hips against him.

Sebastian’s mouth tasted like strawberries and coffee. His breakfast, dissolving in Ciel’s mouth as he consumed the other instead. He ate late in the summer. He came back from mass, still buttoned hips to throat in black. He always looked so good. So good Ciel’s knees buckled on sight of him. He became putty between his fingers. Sebastian sucked Ciel’s bottom lip between his teeth and grunted.

“What did you eat for breakfast?” He mumbled, lips still pressed to Ciel’s. The boy huffed, turning his head away. The priest’s mouth pulled down against Ciel’s earring. He wasn’t pleased.

“That ‘ealthy shit,” Ciel swallowed the lump in his throat. He turned his chin so he was looking away from the priest. Sebastian laughed into his jaw, hot air across already tepid skin.

“Really?” He asked. His voice was so low Ciel could feel it against his chest. He nodded. He lied. Sebastian hummed thoughtfully against his cheek.

“Because your mouth tastes like those little cakes,” he bit. He pressed a hard kiss into Ciel’s jaw. His fingers dug rougher into the smaller man’s hips. Ciel felt his face heat up. Damp sweat collected beneath his collar. He was breathing so hard, just from being kissed.

“I don’t want the fruit,” Ciel whined. He sounded petulant, childish. His tone made Sebastian growl. He shifted against the priest but the man was stiff, unrelenting. His broad, warm hands kept Ciel cupped to his hip. Ciel was half-hard against his leg. He bucked his hips up against the priest’s leg and sighed. It was so humid. It felt good.

Sebastian breathed him in, nose pressed behind his ear. When he inhaled, Ciel trembled. He wasn’t sure why the basic, animalistic act made him so weak in the knees. Then the heat was gone and Sebastian was suddenly a step away.

“H-hey,” Ciel frowned. His chest was rising and falling so fast he couldn’t speak right. Sebastian was smoothing out the front of his rumpled shirt.

“I have to go back,” he said calmly. Ciel snorted. His legs were still open. He pressed his thighs together again and stared daggers at the taller. Sebastian noticed his tempestuous gaze and raised an eyebrow.

“I have to go back to work,” he repeated. His stoic face gave nothing away. Ciel slumped against the wall. He teased at the corner of the wild curtains.

“This is because I didn’t eat the fruit,” Ciel grit through his teeth. His cheeks felt hot, he couldn’t lift his head to meet the other man. Sebastian’s leather shoes stepped in close to Ciel’s boots. His hand cupped the side of his cheek and Ciel turned away rudely. Then Sebastian was leaning in, kissing him. His tongue rolled past Ciel’s lips for a second and Ciel whined. Then he was pulling back and patting the side of Ciel’s face.

“Course not,” he smiled sweetly. He pinched Ciel’s chin and flashed his teeth at him. Ciel wanted to smack the stupid look off his face.

Then Sebastian went back to work.