Like Parent, Like Child…

It’s coming, the grand return of Can’t Hardly Wait’s ‘2nd Generation Week. Given how successful and wildly popular it was among our members, the first time, we couldn’t resist revisiting those characters. For our newer members, this is a weekly event where you will be portraying the children of your current character. More information on this event can be found here. Please remember to tag your bio’s ‘CHW2GEN’. 

During the week, we will be updating our face claim list on the main site and that list could be found here. To reserve a faceclaim, please tag the fc’s name ‘list’ in our OOC blog.

Any further questions, please do not hesitate any of the admins.

Happy long weekend, everyone!

I hope today you get to enjoy some Aussie sunshine and seaside, a pie with sauce, and maybe a lamington, if you’re feeling fancy.

Also, if there are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people talking about colonisation, lend them an ear–it’s an opportune time for them to draw attention to the issue.

[Personally: Is it not awful that we commemorate the day some Britons showed up with diseases, guns, and a racist attitude? Oughtn’t we celebrate modern Australia on Federation Day or something, when the country as we now know it started existing? What do you think?]

Imagine a gigantic cactus sculpture near where that car is in the middle-left, and you’ll get an idea of what we’re looking at.

Forrest Place in Perth, Western Australia

Yup! Taken from outside the Perth Railway Station, across Wellington Street. The grand building is our lovely old post office. We’re not sure when this was taken; our guess is around the 1940s. Found in this goldmine of historic photographs of Perth.

To our followers,

We apologise for the barrage of political material which has come to you through Lonely Pretty Little City. 

As a product of its context, this blog responds to the Australian social climate of the moment, which is currently very pissed off.

As we’re sure you can relate, we thank you for your understanding.



I’ll be taking a hiatus from LPLC till November while I finish university. The essay writing is getting a little intensive!

If I find anything truly remarkable while exploring Perth I will be sure to share it with you, but in the meantime I need to cut back on my primary procrastination tool.

Speak to you when I’m a uni graduate! I wish you all the best, guys.