daily-downey’s 2014 Follow Forever (just to reiterate)

Since i recently hit 2k followers, i thought i’d make a follow forever, last time i made one i deleted it because i unfollowed almost everybody on it, let’s hope it won’t happen again. (i’m sure it won’t)
*Not every blog i follow is mentioned, but you can find them here, and mutual follows are bolded.

➢  Danny is fucking hella and you should all follow her 

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  • Anonymous asked: FYI..elenat is lpko and hayesru, they are from the same ip address. Secondly, she should not be using your full name on tumblr. You need to report her. It is clear to see she is harassing you, however, be careful, she will hack and spam your account. Trust me on this.
  • you-know-who: Thankyou for letting me know.
  • one friend of mine: Let me save this for my frind)))
  • me: Wow, two more faked personalities of mine revealed!
  • HITFLIX: Jeremy Renner's Evil Twin Infiltrated The "American Hustle" Premieres. Are we all just going to ignore this?