A custom AR-15 build using the Umbrella Corporation upper and lower. The HUUCR (Hard Use Umbrella Corp Receiver) are factory blemished uppers or lowers sold at a discounted price. Overall this rifle is a actually a well done build with great quality parts. (GRH)

Umbrella HUUCR Upper
BCM Forward Assist & Ejection Door Assembly
BCM BFH 14.5” Mid-Length 1:7 5.56
BCM Low Profile Gas Block & BCM Gas Tube
BCM GunFighter CH Mod 4 Medium
Geissele MK2 13”
PWS FSC556 Flash Compensator (Pinned & Welded by NFA)

Umbrella HUUCR Lower
ALG Combat Trigger
Spike’s Tactical LPK
Spike’s Tactical Buffer Tube w/ ST-T2 Buffer
Spike’s Tactical Billet Trigger Guard
BCM GunFighter Grip Mod 1
Magpul STR Stock

AR Build: Andrew Wilson (@awpro_guns)

-Colt 14.5 upper Troy industries 13"
-VTAC Alpha Rail
-Surefire MB556 Muzzle Device
-Surefire Warden Blast Diffuser
-Surefire M300 w/ Dual Pressure
-Daniel Defense Fixed Front Sight
-Aimpoint Pro OR Vortex Viper 1-4 w/ American Defense QD Mount
-Magpul Flip Up Rear Sight.
-Seekins Precision Lower with Daniel Defense LPK 
-BCM Gun Fighter Mod 0 Grip**
-Magpul SL Stock/BCM Sopmod Stock

Got a badass AR/Gun build you want to show? Submit it to trodtactical@gmail.com! Please include multiple pictures along with details!


The Pistol Build~

- Upper: 10.5" Aero Precision Barrel, YHM gas block folding front sight & rear sight, Primary Arms Micro Red dot, Strike Industries Mitch handguard, AR Charging Handle & J-Comp FH, PSA Blem Stripped Upper with logo, and AIMS NiB BCG.

- Lower: 80% Lower painted with VHT engine block paint job (Flat black), KNS Zombie Green Mod 2 Pins, PSA classic LPK, Strike Industries Trigger Guard, Umbrella Corp. Grip 23 with cut Hogue grip sleeve, Thordsen Customs Standard Buffer tube Cover with MFT stock saddle.

Truly, this is my most proudest build. This was my first time doing an 80% lower (The cuts aren’t perfect but seems functional; I will shoot it soon). I’ve been in budget thanks to the Memorial Day sales and sniping items last minute on eBay auctions. The only items I paid full price for were the Strike Industries parts (And they are decently priced already!) and the Thordsen Customs Standard Buffer Tube (fits excellent).

Please enjoy these pictures as I’ve enjoyed this build.  



From a distance it looks like a Knights Armament M110, but about the only KAC parts are the magazine, flash hider and handguard. It’s a budget build that mimics what normally is a $15,000 (or more) rifle. We all have dream rifles, but sometimes the closest we can get is to build a clone or lookalike. The owner of this one listed the parts list. (GRH)

CMMG upper receiver
KAC Rifle Length 7.62 URX II
Fulton Armory (Criterion) 20" M110 barrel
Fulton Armory rail gas block
Fulton Armory chrome BCG
BCM gunfighter 308 CH

Lower Bushmaster (made by DPMS) lower DPMS LPK DPMS buffer, tube and spring Cav Arms C1 stock KAC 20 round mag (1 included) Giessele SSA-E trigger

Custom Build

Another well executed AR-15 build from btm7687 on the AR15 forum. Always been a fan of the AAC flash hiders / muzzle brakes. The only part I think I dislike on the build is the grip. The LaRue APEG just looks odd. (GRH)

-Magpul UBR
-JP Silent Captured Spring

-14.5" BCM BFH Midlength
-Wilson Combat T.R.I.M. 13.8
-Wilson Combat Lo-profile gas block
-AAC 51T Blackout
-AXTS/Rainier Raptor Charging Handle
-Aimpoint 2MOA T1/LaRue LT660

My own (admin#1/founder) personal AR.

Colt LE6920
Troy Delta BattleRail
BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle

Aero Precision lower
DS Arms buffer & spring
RadLock (cause California sucks)
Magpul MOE grip
CMMG Ambidextrous Safety

BFG Vickers Sling
Surefire G2 w/ KX4 head in VTAC light mount