lpep 2k12

One world, One spirit, One La Salle.

So we had our 2-day orientation last Friday and Saturday. And it was a blast. It was awesome! I’m not even exaggerating it. It’s the best.

I arrived early during the first day. Ate Audrey and Ate Kat greeted me “Good Morning!” with a welcoming smile painted on their faces. They asked for my name and write it down for our sticker IDs. After about 10 minutes, we were asked to register. It was really awkward when we went back to our seats. Ate Kat and Ate Audrey tried breaking the ice a couple of times, but I guess it just didn’t work out for the first. Then we were asked to fall in line– two lines– then we went to the ampitheater. There was a mass, our first mass as a Lasallian.  Then a message from our University President, College President, and the USG President. And oh, we were also taught the Alma Matter Song. We stayed two and a half hours or so. We went down and ate our morning snacks for 15 minutes. Then we went up to our room (Y401) and met Sir Pat. He, too, welcomed us in a very nice way. So we did this activity where you would get to talk with your blockmates randomly. It was fun. I get to know more about them. Then we had some discussions about the grades part and something I forgot since I was really sleepy. But sometime during our discussions, there will be a group of people who will come in our room and say “Welcome froshies!” in a really loud way which will wake everyone up. SCO, for me, was the best. It was funny. The awkwardness was starting to fade away already by the time the discussion finished. Everything we have to do is done and we have almost 20-30 more minutes so Ate Kat taught the block to play “Do you love me?” I just remembered FOYA and Tr Love while playing that. IYKWIM. So it was fun playing that. After that, we went down for our lunch. When we went back to our room, we had a discussion about our grading system and some other academic concerns until 3pm. Then, we had our campus tour. It was nice to get to know the campus and the different whereabouts. We went back to our table for our afternoon snack. Ate Kat and Ate Audrey asked us to sign out on a piece of paper while eating. I had a joked Ate Kat about the cake she gave me and talked with my other blockmates about random things. They left after 30 minutes(?) of talking.

During our day 2, we were asked by our lambs to go straight to our room. They weren’t that many when I entered the room. Just 15 students, I think, and Ate Audrey and Ate Donna(sub for Ate Kat). After 5 minutes, our lambs taught us how to play “Bahay, Baboy, Bagyo” and played with us. The block reaaaally enjoyed playing that. When Sir Pat entered, we had a prayer service for 15 minutes then discussed about St. Lasalle. It wasn’t that boring though cause we had this draw-and-present activity. There were 5 of us in the group and all of us sucked at drawing. Hahaha! But we still managed to finish and discuss the work. After that, we went down to the lobby and had our morning snacks. We went back to our room and an upperclass student discussed us the rules and regulations of the school. Again, we were grouped into 6, I think, and we were asked to choose which of the 3 pictures shown has a student violating a rule. Our group always raised our flag the fastest, thanks to JSam. We had 11 points all in all and that made us won the game. Then when lunch time came, Sir Pat said goodbye to us cause we won’t come back to our room again. We thanked him and as well as our lambs. Lunch time was NOISY. REALLY NOISY. After eating, each block was shouting and cheering already, AND trashtalking each other. It was funny though. :)) The loudest block was the one beside our table. They were all boys so you know what’s gonna happen. Haha. And also we did this wave thing! And it was FUN! The Yuch lobby was already bombed by the noise and I by that time, I can already feel the Animo Spirit. I had fun watching the blocks trashtalk at each other. At around 1:45, everyone went to the ampitheater. The DLSU Chorale, Lasallian Youth Orchestra, De La Salle Innersoul, La Salle Dance Company - Contemporary, La Salle Dance Company-Street, La Salle Dance Company-Folk, the Harlequin Theatre Guild, and Animo Pep Squad performed for us. After that we went down to where the student orgs are. They gave us tons of freebies and fliers. And after that some engineering students welcomed us too. All you’ll be able to hear is “Welcome to La Salle!” We went to the 2nd floor and watched the De La Salle Innersoul, LSDC-Street, and Pep Squad perform for us again. I was literally swimming in my own sweat. After about 15 minutes, they asked us to go down so we could join the Animo Party! It was fun. Reaaaally fun. I can really feel the Animo Spirit. Once again, they did the Centennial Dance. Before closing the party, everyone had their fist high up in the air and sang our Alma Matter Hymn.

I will never forget these lines:

  • E71, two lines please!
  • Double time, double time! Go go go.
  • Keep right, guys!
  • and of course… WELCOME TO LA SALLE!

Everything was so overwhelming. The party, the games, the upperclassmen ESPECIALLY our lambs, and their spirit. Can’t wait for the 24th to come.. or can I? 

Hahaha! See ya Lasallians!