I had a conversation with a friend about language and what is referred  to as political correctness in the context of how it relates to words  and team mascots-I have mixed feelings about it, mostly I  think because those who were so vocal and in the initial forefront about it saw it as a cash cow-just ask Russell and  his share of the 30/35 thousand he made off the Cleveland Indians  in “settling” the suit on his way out of town.

LPDOC Communique | Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee

email i got today:

Supporters should know that Mr. Peltier has recently decided on a legal strategy that best suits his needs and that is a departure from the strategy presented by Attorney Robert R. Bryan some months ago. Consequently, Robert Bryan no longer represents Leonard Peltier. Mr. Peltier enjoys the support of other attorneys who will continue to represent him. Please do what you can to support their efforts to free Leonard Peltier.

As a reminder, the Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee (LPDOC) is the center of communication between Leonard Peltier and his program coordinators, the general public, government officials, political and tribal leaders, the media, and his supporters worldwide.

The international headquarters of the LPDOC is located in Fargo, North Dakota. Our contact information is as follows.

PO Box 7488, Fargo, ND 58106
Phone: 701/235-2206
E-mail: contact@whoisleonardpeltier.info

Feel free to contact us with questions or concerns.

Donations should be sent to the above address. Alternatively, you may contribute securely online. Only our authorized partners and credentialed support chapters (listed at our Web site at www.whoisleonardpeltier.info under the “Chapters” tab) are authorized to conduct direct fundraising in your community. If you have questions about fundraising or wish to report suspected abuses, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for all you do on Leonard’s behalf.


 I had a discussion today with a person who is fully supportive of the blog.

A conversation that was meant to encourage and to address another aspect-that people tell me on occasion that I often blog  about issues some may not want to hear about or confront, and in fact may make them angry-that We’ve Been Living It is one such blog.

They may be right but things don’t go away if they are ignored, and there’s certainly a wealth of sites doing just that.Or if they do address such issues they almost always do so in a patronizing manner.

That being the once proud and independent nations we were comes with some sort of exemption-that all we have to do is say we’ve been victims and then everything makes sense.

Well, maybe it does to some, or maybe it’s just a convenient excuse to latch on to, but it doesn’t to me.

As a people we sacrificed and bleed for our children,our women,  elders, and our communities in the past when we we’re outgunned,  out manned, and out resourced-yet somehow today it’s a different story?

Now it’s about complaining and making excuses rather than taking control of our lives and communities?

There’s a significant amount to complain about- and we generate our share of it.

Compounding a bad situation can hardly be referred to as a solution-it’s pouring fuel on the fire, self immolation.

Every time we tolerate another rape in our midst, another abused or neglected child, suffer so much as single gang banger in our communities we strike another match to the fire that is consuming  us-that is making a mockery and lie of everything we have been, and every sacrifice our ancestors made.

If we don’t like being victims then we should stop victimizing ourselves and our own.

As to whether someone doesn’t like what I say it doesn’t alter the reality, because these are truths everyone should be speaking and seeking to correct….and if any believe it can be shown to be otherwise then they need to step up and offer a rebuttal.


“This Machine Surrounds Hate And Forces It To Surrender”

I don’t have an issue with an homage to Seeger -said as much in the previous blog To Quench A Thirst- related to that a video has been posted there about Pete Seegers  induction into the  Rock and Roll hall of fame, but the  questions I’ve asked and the musings in that blog remain  the same.

In the video towards the end it segues to Seeger standing in the wings holding his banjo-written on that banjo are the following words:

“This Machine Surrounds Hate And Forces It To Surrender”

It is the truth that is being sought, all of it, that is what is being asked for, and in that blog simple questions have been asked related to Seeger and to you SB.

While you may not be willing to answer them or pursue the truth, preferring it to surrender and the hate of lies,  murders, and the lack of closure for survivors of victims to prevail, nothing in Seeger’s past indicates he is of like  mind-I’d like to think, to believe, that age hasn’t tempered the words written on Seeger’s banjo-that the fire that has burned for decades remains.

A fire that will consume lies regardless of their origin.

Unlike you SB I’m not protecting anyone- I have no one to answer to, no explanations to make when the truth is  spoken about who is responsible for the murders and crime committed WITHIN WK2-neither am I hesitant or afraid to speak the simplest of truths.

Anyone, any entity, collecting donations and erroneously claiming at one point they were tax deductible is obliged if not by law, then morally, to account for how the money is  spent, it is a commonsense dictate if nothing else.

Any prisoner who is denied parole and continually claims abuse would in the name of commonsense want their parole hearing records displayed to the public to substantiate their claims-yet lacking only Peltier’s signature, that singular act, they remain unavailable while he and LPDOC hope instead to direct attention away from a deliberate  strategy to hide them and to FOIs that cannot be obtained.

If not releasing various documents following FOI attempts is to be interpreted as having something to hide how then should Peltier’s refusal to sign off be interpreted?

If a banjo is a machine, an instrument of truth, how then are we to interpret it when it accompanies the songs being sung to a non inclusive audience?

Are there no songs for Annie, Ray, or the victims who lay in unmarked graves at WK2? No songs for their survivors- no songs for the children of Williams and Coler who died because a common thug believed they were coming to arrest him as a fugitive from a Wisconsin charge?

Where is the truth in this-where is hate being surrounded and forced to surrender?



Pete Seeger is an iconic figure in American music, and in some ways could be said to be, along with others, the social conscience of the nation.

Seeger at one point was hauled before the House UnAmerican Activities Committee during the blacklisting and McCarthy era days where he stood his ground refusing to submit to what amounted to little more than an attempted inquisition, a polgrom of sorts.

I admire and respect that and the man for doing so.

Recently Seeger lent his name and voice to the Peltier movement at a “benefit” concert- I believe Seeger did so with good intention, but as I’ve wondered aloud previously was this the result of a genuine belief that Peltier is innocent, or is it based on a belief of judicial error or misconduct-the difference should be obvious to all.

I’ve also wondered if Seeger has or would consider discussing the murders of Annie Mae Pictou Aquash and Perry Ray Robinson Jr. at the hands of AIM-if he buys into the the so called defense that due to informants and paranoia AIM has no blame-that as a result of these things AIM can say “they made me do it?”

If possible I would ask Seeger what he thinks of a man who will interrogate a woman at gunpoint who has been authorized to kill her if he wasn’t satisfied with the answers-the clear implication being that Peltier was prepared to do just that.

I would also ask what he thinks of a man who along with Dave Hill basically held Annie hostage and forced her to participate in making bombings, a man who also said at a later point following the Farmington, New Mexico interrogation that he believed Annie was an informant and would like to procure some “truth serum” to give to her.

Personally I’d like to see Peltier subjected to a dose or two of truth serum-and while that will never be in the cards I believe that Seeger owes the nations due to his advocacy for Peltier to call for the release of Peltier’s parole hearing and records, LPDOC to open their books, and to in the least make an effort to communicate with Annie’s and Ray’s family.

An unwillingness or failure to do so is anathema to a lifetime spent championing the underdog and downtrodden.

Good intentions are honorable, but they can also limit themselves and fall short of a true justice that is sought-it is a glass half full, enough to moderate a thirst but not to quench it.



Some things are so stupid they defy reason, some can be addressed-but if stupid is a privilege then it is one that is routinely abused.

Peltier’s actions are undeniably stupid-every time he opens his mouth command central is obliged to do damage control. His conflicting statements archived on the net are a testament not only to his guilt but his character as well.

But even in the midst of this the success of his handlers in portraying Peltier as a victim borders on brilliant.

A brilliance that depends on the willingness, gullibility, and kindness of strangers  to accept a storyline that is characterized by it’s ongoing existence in a state of continual flux and revision.

An example would be the recent admission by Peltier’s legal counsel after decades that the mystery shooter known as Mr. X
was nothing more than a lie.

A lie that during the passage of time became increasingly difficult to sustain even among the most ardent of supporters, yet there were always those who clung to it. I imagine somewhere there remain abusers of the privilege of stupidity that still do.

Peltier has contradicted himself so often and changed his story too many times to count, and as Blanche Dubois said “I have always
depended on the kindness of strangers” so he made a vocation of doing to such an extent as to add new meaning to the quote and be entirely unwarranted.

A “kindness” that has led to the collection of untold millions and generated little save an expertise in fundraising , more lies,
and a go to list of contributors.

People need to think of that in the context of what could those millions have done to improve the welfare of the nations children, of the communities they are raised in?

To simplify it, how much propane could it have provided? How many utility bills could it have paid, how many  school supplies,
nutritious meals, or warm clothing could it have provided?

Peltier likes to cast himself as a martyr-he’s doing it all for the nations-and as he also likes to say would do it all again because it’s the right thing to do.

Well maybe he is dumb enough if given the opportunity to do it all again, but if he wants to be a martyr the associated cost shouldn’t impact the nations children in anyway-which in my opinion every dollar that is funnelled into his “defense” does exactly that as it denies their needs.

I have a couple of a question for those who want to wave the Peltier banner-wouldn’t it be time better spent to wave a banner for our
children? Wouldn’t the money be better spent upon them?

Is it too much to ask LPDOC to show the books?



hosapa 2

Well, maybe I’m on a rant but I’m not inclined to let this go just yet, and so I would add the following:

Reportedly the last communication Ray’s family had with him was from Crow Dogs so called “paradise”, which could probably  more accurately be referred to as Dante’s Inferno.

He informed wife Cheryl that he was going into WK2-a few days later a fellow traveler by the name of Janine Waller also entered WK2 and was immediate instructed that if she desired to continue living she not to inquire about Ray or to even mention his name.

Now if Ray had just decided to leave, or even was shot and made his way eating a candy bar as some versions go why the threat to Janine?

As stated before, Carter Camp among his various versions has even said  at one point that Ray was “caught” and killed by the goons and the fbi-but Camp like others in AIM who have always viewed themselves as an entitled leadership has a vested interest in promoting the denial and propaganda concerning the murder of Ray Robinson.

This raises additional questions to my way of thinking-if this fairy tale Camp attempts to float had an iota of validity why wouldn’t they have told it to Janine-even more so with the way they were sucking up to a drooling fawning media during WK2 why didn’t a single one them make such an announcement that would have received national attention?

Pretty obvious isn’t it? Just more BS and lies-concocted as part of the coverup during the aftermath

Apparently people have forgotten or chosen to ignore these realities and questions, just as they do that the call to murder Annie went to Russell Means brothers house-that Russell himself admitted this with an insipid explanation that brother Bill told him it was all good because he was sleeping and blissfully unaware.

Have they forgotten that a part of Vernon’s “alibi” was that he was in California with Banks?

Wait a minute-in California with Banks? Is that to say that Banks was present when Vernon made the call? Or that he ordered it and since Vernon’s brother Clyde was among those at Bill’s house when Vernon made the call?

Or was it that  Banks like always wanted to keep himself as far removed as possible, even to the extent of having another place to call?

Is this indicative of the same selective amnesia that allows people to forget Peltier’s own words that he saw Joe Stuntz take an fbi jacket from the trunk of an agency car of one of those he, Peltier, had just shot in the face  at point blank range and smile as he put it on?

It’s too bad there isn’t a vaccination for lies and ignorance, too bad there isn’t really some new age bs about an event that will lead to a quantum leap forward in “spirituality”-and no that crap bogus medicine men and wannabe leaders are selling isn’t it-for if there were AIM and LPDOC would be out of business and the zombies who often refer to themselves as traditionals and last real Indians would have to find something else to feed on.



Had a friend ask me what I thought LPDOC would do when Peltier passes on?

I believe it will present something of a quandry for them-not a lot of options as I see it. I suppose they can attempt to continue on under the guise of some posthumous “exoneration” but I don’t think the numbers or money will be there.

They can switch allegiance and attempt to work the same game with Graham, or they can just fold up, go away, and find a different cow to milk in the hopes the herd will follow them.

Initially I believe there will be some profit taking when Peltier moves on, but I don’t see it as being sustainable -and if the money isn’t there the “devotion/dedication” will decline in direct proportion to that-after all this has become something of an free market enterprise -Peltier has been commodified, and like all commodities it is about supply and demand.

Profit taking probably in the form of a book or two or three-”limited edition collector prints”- and other assorted paraphernalia -maybe even introduce a new product line of key chains and bobble heads, or a dashboard figure of Peltier that glows in the dark like some of those Catholic things.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a contingency plan has already been drawn up to pave the transition -as it’s pretty much like Peltier said-his release is something like 2040 and “I don’t think I’ll make it”.

That may be the truest thing he has ever said.

I’m not at all convinced that everyone who champions him believes he will be released, or even for that matter is innocent-but it is a game of three card Monte that has proven to be lucrative and as long as one is born every minute as P.T. Barnum said the game will continue.

However it eventuates I’m confident there will be a lot of associated theater and drama -the “boys” will be there making themselves as conspicuous as possible with a lot of high talk, probably secretly relieved  the potential threat to them he posed no longer exists, at least from his quarter.

Could be too after a “respectful” period of time has elapsed the “boys” may attempt to subtly shift some blame his way, though that could be high risk-but it seems to be the AIM way when somebody goes down-kind of that “no honor among…..(add word of choice) thing.”

Seems like any time I mention Peltier or even allude to the fact that he is mortal with a finite number of years as is the case with all of us it sets the heads of his acolytes spinning ala Linda Blair in the Exorcist  -so I kind of anticipate the same in expressing this opinion-might do them a little good though, kind of an aerobics exercise, clear their head a little, if you will.

Been thinking about this after posting it and wanted to add the below:

Peltier is prone to do the drama queen thing with the attempts on his life routine, but as long as it is  by the numbers and scripted  I’d like to suggest an alternate scenario.

A scenario that asks the questions if the feds wanted to take him out how is it they haven’t been able to in the midst of what is often a violent environment?

What about when he escaped -wasn’t that a golden opportunity? Or how about dying as the result of anesthesia during surgery? That isn’t so uncommon. Maybe a heart attack or diabetes related stroke.

Maybe these “attempts” on his life came from those who have reason to fear that he might at some point elect to tell the truth about AIM and all related events? After all they didn’t hesitate to take out Annie when a little fear gripped their “warrior” hearts.

I mean think about it-in such an event the suspects have already been named prior to the commission of the act itself-the suspects, that would be the feds, and the perfect alibi that no one other than the feds would be in proximity.

With his incessant pleas for help following a beat down(s) and the braggadocio of receiving a “heroes” welcome upon returning to his alma mater it gets a little confusing doesn’t it?

But as his adoring fans are so prone to dispense all manner of conspiracy and dark plot theories I feel pretty comfortable in offering up the same.

The Standing Deer tale-now how laughable is that-an imprisoned man who betrays his handlers and not only lives to tell about it but in time gains his freedom? Yeah-I’m buying that and the entire men in black routine.

Hey, maybe Peltier really was taken out and what we see is a double- a bone tossed to the devotees. Think about it.