Clara and Sekhmet, dressed to kill. Also featuring: Avenger, the bald eagle. (2011)

Trust me, guys, people read my webcomic just for these two - and Monty too, I guess. They can even forgive me for not having enough time and updating once a month because of these two chicks.

Clara y Sekhmet, vestidas para matar. También está Vengadora, la águila calva. (2011)

Creedme, chicos, la gente lee mi webcómic solo por estas dos (y Monty también, creo). Incluso me perdonan que no tenga tanto tiempo y actualice una vez al mes por estas dos chicas.

I wasn’t going to show it until the 31st, but then I thought that nothing bad would happen if I showed it a bit before… What? A Halloween extra? Yeah, well, that’s right…

Look at those costumes… Can you tell me if this lot is actually ready for a Halloween party or are the attending a comic con? Because I see that in Halloween you can gear yourself up as whatever you want, no matter if it’s scary or not, because Halloween parties are more like just costume parties.

And yes, you will accuse me of going for odd references, but you know me… also, is Halloween actually invading non-English speaking countries or did we just let the door open so we can cash on something else? Take your time to think about it. I don’t celebrate it anyway… 8D

Also… the costumes? Let me list them…

- Mike the Baliflid as Master Splinter (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
- Monty Pantheon as a Cyberman (Doctor Who)
- Sacmis as Peacock (Skullgirls)
- Pymie as the Silent Hill movie’s Pyramid Head… but I’m keeping his helmet, I don’t feel like changing it. :P
- Sekhmet as Death (Sandman)
- Myself (wait, didn’t I just say that I don’t…? meh, who cares) as a Marauder (Mass Effect 3)
- Lucas as Gordon Freeman (Half Life)
- And Clara… bah, I’ll let you guess it by yourselves. xD

Also, las detail… Giant succubus ahoy. xD

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