One of the key battlegrounds in the fight for LGBT rights is the local political arena. 

This week, five Mayors from across the United States join us for a Tumblr Issue Time to answer your questions on the ways that they’re promoting and protecting LGBT rights in their cities. 


Mayor Ed Lee • San Francisco, CA

The first Chinese-American mayor in the history of San Francisco, Edwin M. Lee is one of the founding members of Mayors Against Discrimination (MAD). In 2016, Mayor Lee appointed Theresa Sparks as the Mayor’s Senior Advisor on Transgender Initiatives, becoming the first city in the nation to have a position dedicated to advancing the rights of and creating policies for the transgender community.

Mayor Jess Herbst • New Hope, TX

Jess Herbst is the mayor of New Hope, Texas and the first openly transgender mayor in Texas history. A lifelong Texan, Herbst has called New Hope her home for nearly 20 years and served on town council for several years, beginning in 2003. She publicly announced that she is transgender in January 2017 following a long journey of self-realization and is a proud member of Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination.

Mayor Jorge Elorza • Providence, RI

Mayor Jorge O. Elorza was born in Providence and grew up in the city’s West End In 2010, he was appointed to the Providence Housing Court, where he served until 2013. Mayor Elorza was elected as Providence’s 38th Mayor and took office in 2015 and is focused on turning Providence around by creating economic opportunity for all, public services that work for everyone and innovative, ethical City government.

Mayor John Dennis • West Lafayette, IN

Mayor Dennis was born in Japan and moved to West Lafayette with his family as a young child, where he was raised and educated.  Upon graduation from Indiana State University, where he received his bachelor and master degrees, Mayor Dennis worked for a period of time in California, where he met his wife Mary.  Mayor Dennis, upon his return to West Lafayette, joined the Lafayette Police Department, staying with LPD for 23 years, retiring as Deputy Chief of Police.

Mayor William Peduto • Pittsburgh, PA

Mayor Peduto took office as Pittsburgh’s 60th Mayor in January of 2014. One of his first orders of business as Mayor was to sign on to the Mayors for Freedom to Marry campaign and Why Marriage Matters Pennsylvania. Mayor Peduto has formed an LGBTQIA+ Task Force, created the position of LGBTQIA+ Liaison within the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, been an active member of Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination, and celebrated marriage equality following the SCOTUS decision on same sex marriage by uniting 19 same sex couples during a group wedding ceremony during Pittsburgh PRIDE. 

Our panel of Mayors will begin answering your questions on Tuesday April 11. 


Let’s play dumb — 1st Chapter: The city of sin

(Okay so be aware, smut ahead - practically, half of the chapter is smut, but whatever. You’ve been warned.)

“Why,” he murmured in the hollow of her knee, making sure every square centimetre of her skin would not be free of his mouth’s touch. “Don'tcha enjoy the thrill of getting caught, love?”

She needed to gulp at the look he was firing at her way. Hunger and want, implanted deep in the storm taking place in his irises. His left hand was running up and down on her left leg, reaching the edge of her skirt, and with a last, ravenous glance at her flushed face, he ran his digits up until the hill of her womanhood. Then, so crazily slowly, he hooked his index finger in her lacy, white panties to teasingly pull it down while his middle finger brushed against her clitoris.

Her moan was loud and demanding, aching for him to continue on.

“You’re right about the thrill,” she grasped when his mouth continued going toward her inner thigh and he hummed against her skin, making her grip the edge of the sink tighter. “We should go to the hotel’s reception… For better chances… and stronger thrill,” she moaned out, her hips unconsciously buckling against his ghostly touches to get more of his sweet torture.

Silence. For a moment, he was standing there in front of her, utterly frozen that even his hand stopped wandering over her body. Then, he straightened up and gave her a wicked smile that made her head feel all dizzy and full of the pink cloud she hated by heart.

“I don’t want us to actually get caught.”

“Round two?” he proposed, with a careless shrug of his own. 

She looked in his eyes, a feral glint still shining in those magnificent orbs of coffee brown. She was far from satisfied, very far, as it seemed.
“Reception?” she demanded with a definite voice, hopping down to the floor with grace, even though she was far away from graceful in outlook.
He nodded, “The reception.”
A smirk, that was much like his own, quirked up her swollen, cherry-red lips, “Disillusionment charm?”
“As you wish, love,” Draco promised, flicking his wand to fix their clothing. Suddenly, the cover of his trousers was not that comfortable anymore. “Though, I’m sure we’ll need muffliato too… The whole populace of Las Vegas heard your last scream, I assure you.”
She slapped him on the shoulder, the very same place where she dag her nails formerly, “Hush now, Malfoy, you’re being a jerk.”
Deactivating the locking charm on the door and not even trying to keep up pretence of politeness – he went forward, and barked back from over his shoulder when he was half-way out of the bathroom, “You should have got used to that by now, Granger.”
Hermione was tempted to kick him on the groin as she slipped her feet into her shoes which were scattered on the floor, abandoned.
“Prat,” was her parting word to the bathroom as she left the place with hips swinging alluringly, from side to side.

London Play Dates || Para || Blake and Dwayne || May 8th

News of break ups in Hollywood were usually pretty darn fast when it came to the gossips.  Yet for Dwayne when he heard, or read, that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds had called it quits he was worried about her especially when she stated she was hiding in London.  The American actress invited him and his daughter Jasmine to join her there for a few days.  In no way could he say no cause he was actually worried for his friend.

It was after getting Jasmine up from her nap, he walked into the main room of where they were staying with Blake holding her close he smiled at Blake, “Are you really sure you like her more than me?”  He having just showered after going to the gym smiled at the blondes playing on the floor.


anonymous asked:

The USN stole all of its modern designs from the IJN. The Fubuki class? All modern destroyers are based on her. The first fixed-wing aircraft carrier actually designed as an aircraft carrier, rather than an ocean liner or coal barge with a board nailed to the top of it? Once again, the Japanese. The LPD, LHD, and LSD? Japanese origin. Did the USN even invent anything of their own, or have they just been stealing everybody else's ideas since the organization's conception?

The USN was the first to install exterior patio tables on their battleships.

Let's Play Destiny is a charitable project based on Youtube. 
Created by become-legend, it is a channel of videos dedicated to
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the channel by subscribing, rating, commenting and watching
content will be donated to animal shelters, sanctuaries, and
other programs that aid and protect abandoned and homeless

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