Let's Play Destiny is a charitable project based on Youtube. 
Created by become-legend, it is a channel of videos dedicated to
the upcoming video game Destiny, produced by a network of diverse
game-players. This includes solo missions with commentary,
podcasts, Strike missions, Raids, Nightfall missions, Crucible
matches, Easter eggs, and more. Any money made through supporting
the channel by subscribing, rating, commenting and watching
content will be donated to animal shelters, sanctuaries, and
other programs that aid and protect abandoned and homeless

See you in September!


LPD is a blog dedicated to the actor Lee Pace. Our team tries to provide news, videos, graphics, edits and gifs to a growing fandom! Interested? Click here for more information.

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Let’s Play Destiny’s first podcast featuring theawokenqueen, travelers-light and myself.

In this (extremely rough/test) podcast, we just ramble about stuff for about half an hour with Justin killing things in the background. Enjoy!


When this isn’t even an edit but something Motionless In White willing put out


Let’s Play Destiny’s second podcast featuring Caty ( theawokenqueen), Justin (travelers-light), Jesse (hythmknwy) and myself. In this podcast we talk about everything we know about Destiny’s lore and speculate a little about it! Catch up on some cool information about Destiny’s lore and universe with us before the game releases in a few days!



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