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Dear followers, 

You may have noticed that we didn’t answer any questions the last 3 days. We were not ignoring you, but working on something: asklpd!

asklpd is a complementary blog of the tumblr blog leepace-daily which allows you to ask you anything you ever wondered about the American actor Lee Grinner Pace.

on this page, we will answer any of your questions as long as we can answer it and as long as it is related to Lee!

from now on, leepace-daily will not answer anonymous messages anymore as we feel like we are spamming your dash when publishing them. 

So don’t hesitate anymore and feel free to send messages there!

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Amazing video from Luke & Natasha for LPD x ADIDAS.

November 2014

She wore her blue jeans and t-shirt, 

with the most elegant strut I’ve ever seen. 

Bright blue eyes and Ed Hardy sneakers, 

to her my brain became  keen. 


How can something so beautiful, 

cause so much destruction. 

And how can something like a tornado, 

be the most wanted object of my attention. 


The universe began with a bang, 

an explosion. 

And like the universe, 

our love began with corruption. 


I love her so,  

I love her dearly. 

I think of her so often, 

she makes me weary. 


But I swear to you it’s worth, 

giving into commitment. 

I swear to you, to the stars, and the heavens, 

I swear that she is worth it. 


Hello dear followers, just wanted to let you know that I, (shakespearee) will be gone for 10 days and that I will probably don’t have the time to update/reblog news/infos during this period. I hope you will understand!

In the meantime, I wish you all happy holidays and a happy new year in advance