Spraying 2 of the 4 panels earlier this week in preparation for tomorrow !

Opening reception for the Commercial Alley Mural Project, Saturday 29 August

6-8 pm , Commercial Alley Lower Yates st. Refreshments served.

 This is he 3rd year for the commercial alley mural project, arranged by the city of victoria, and the open space arts council. one proposal is selected, and the artist does their thing on four 4ft. x 8ft. pre drilled  wood panels.  Now they are coated in a protective silicone topcoat ( rubbery !) and mounted  in beautiful old timey red brick commercial alley for the next year. a great project and a great opportunity :-) 


thanks, #yyj ! 



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The Legendary Pink Dots - Hellsville (Live at La Luna 1997)

Introducing asklpd!

Dear followers, 

You may have noticed that we didn’t answer any questions the last 3 days. We were not ignoring you, but working on something: asklpd!

asklpd is a complementary blog of the tumblr blog leepace-daily which allows you to ask you anything you ever wondered about the American actor Lee Grinner Pace.

on this page, we will answer any of your questions as long as we can answer it and as long as it is related to Lee!

from now on, leepace-daily will not answer anonymous messages anymore as we feel like we are spamming your dash when publishing them. 

So don’t hesitate anymore and feel free to send messages there!

Sincerely, the LPD team

Hello dear followers, just wanted to let you know that I, (shakespearee) will be gone for 10 days and that I will probably don’t have the time to update/reblog news/infos during this period. I hope you will understand!

In the meantime, I wish you all happy holidays and a happy new year in advance

Kelly in LPD x New York #2 for my fashion story “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” up on Pond Mag! Styled by Amanda Mounser & Lindsay Cohen. See full story HERE!