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There was a massive mistake on my part due to misguided information and things not loading correctly.

I have since been able to get to a real computer and double check everything and they are not at fault.
People who have sent hate, that was not my intention and please apologise to them if you did.

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These photos are so ugly, so I’ll probably delete this post at some point, but here you go, my process.  I follow this same procedure for all my illustrations, whether they’re black and white or full color.  I’ll make a prettier post about this later when I’m a little less fried. @_@

But, essentially, I sketch in my sketchbook first (sometimes I just thumbnail, scan in the thumbs and blow them up and then trace THOSE with tracing paper).  In my sketchbook I can be messy and focus mostly on gesture and shape.  Then I trace with tracing paper – I do this because I don’t want to lose the original (this is big with me you’ll see).  Sometimes it’s just a line or a gesture I liked so it’s good to keep the original to look at.  Tracing paper is like irl layers, haha.  

Then, I scan that tracing paper for two reasons: a) to keep the original (told you I’m big on that) and b) to print out the sketch at whatever size I need to transfer – sometimes I blow things up, sometimes I shrink them, whatever.  I use carbon paper to transfer the sketches to my watercolor blocks with a hard pen (I just use a crappy office store pen).  Transfer paper doesn’t catch everything though, so then I have to clean up all the lines, looking at the original to compare.  I also generally lift some of these pencil lines with a kneaded eraser before painting.  

Then, I do my washes, either of just black watercolor with different amounts of water added for grays, or full color.  After that, I do my line work, either with nibs and ink or with a ball point pen, depending.  Sometimes I also do my line work in thicker gouache.  

Then I erase my pencil lines once things have dried and scan.  I scan at 600 dpi and then convert to 300.  This behemoth took 11 minutes to scan!  

Then I adjust the levels and erase the paper texture from the white spots.  I have a detailed post on how I do this here.  But I’ll be honest, I’ve changed my process a bit now so that I erase more of my white texture by hand to preserve more of the variation in black that my originals have.  I spend a lot of time making some of my lines lighter than others while inking, so in order to preserve that, I erase most of my white spaces by hand now.  For these illustrations, it took around 15-40 minutes a piece to erase the white parts.  I just see this as part of my process at this point.  It takes less time on full color pieces (because there’s less white to erase).  All in all, these 9 commissions took me one full day of work to transfer and paint (they were sketched earlier in the week) – from 10 AM until around 11 PM, with a two hour break to eat, knit, and watch age-old Frasier episodes on Netflix, haha.  You know, as one does.  Scanning and cleaning up definitely takes a sizeable portion of that time, but I think it’s worth it for better quality work to post around.

Anyway, that’s how I do it.  A little laborious, true, but it’s worked for me.  Like all my process posts though, take the pieces you like and leave the ones you don’t.  There’s no wrong way to art.

i think its time to update our curriculum. im so tired of romeo and juliet. give me romeo and julius. give me a tale of star-crossed lovers who can’t be together not because of some petty feud, but because of violent homophobia. turn “wherefore art thou romeo” into a lament over the fact that one’s true love happens to be of the same sex. they didn’t commit suicide because of bad timing, they did it because they lived in a society that told them that their love was disgusting. teach this story in schools. remind kids of the relevance these issues has today. educate kids on the injustices that the lgbtqia+ community have to face. please

please fall in love with yourself first before falling for other people. you are the most beautiful, stunning person, inside and out, you can get and when there’s no one to love you, listen to you, care for you, you still got yourself, remember that.

Hey guys! We’re helping a pretty fucking awesome artist called Moobulated (youtuber) who needs money for a new mic.
Basically, we gonna help draw for his commissions. If anyone is interested, they’re usually about $10 and we can all work out any details over skype. Ask us for more info if want to help out a cool guy

- Mods R and H